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Credit Card Tokenization

Credit card tokenization is one of the coolest new features to come to QFloors, and most of our customers don’t understand what we are talking about. Our processing partners tell us that QFloors is one of the first companies to release this type of technology, including companies outside of the flooring industry.


Software for Commercial, Builder, Distributor, and more

QFloors provides the best software for many types of businesses, including residential flooring, commercial flooring, project management, builder, wholesale flooring distributor, and companies selling paint, cabinets, counter tops, furniture, appliances, lighting, roofing, and window coverings.


Let Your Working Capital Work to Expand Your Busines

Trent Ogden steps flooring retailers through the process of expanding their businesses. How can profits be directed wisely in order to make your floor covering business more valuable, either for your own benefit or in preparation to sell and retire? How do you know when to invest or grow? Ogden describes the simple steps required to have the strongest foundation from which to grow.

A Business Owner's Surprising Silver Bullet to Greater Success

Trent Ogden, CFO of QFloors ERP business management software, advises flooring store owners on obtaining and analyzing key information found in an accurate financial statements. He tells them important ratios to look for and shares how comparing those results with industry averages can provide them with the key to guiding their floor-covering business to greater success and profitability.


It Pays to Use QFloors, Literally

CFO, Trent Ogden, provides data showing how QFloors customers are making more money by using the software. In fact, it pays much more than the cost of the software.


Shameless Begging for Backups

About every 3-4 months, we get a phone call that drops our hearts right down to the pit of our stomachs. BACK UP! WE BEG. WE PLEAD. WE GROVEL.