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Protect Your Flooring Business from Credit Card Fees

April 2023

As a flooring business owner, you’ve likely dealt with costly credit card processing fees. With so many concerns about the future economy and with rates at an all-time high, it’s important to be informed when it comes to credit card processing. QFloors CEO Chad Ogden was asked by Floor Covering News to provide several tips on how flooring business owners can avoid these costly fees and improve their profit margins:

  • "Typically, the flooring dealer has no idea that it just cost him a lot of money simply because the sales rep didn’t type in a customer’s ZIP code,"
  • "[Using] the cost-plus rate will always come out less than the flat rate because you don’t have to guess what you’re going to get charged…you’re getting charged what you’re using."
  • "There is a lack of transparency both with credit card processing rates and with statements…[Credit card] companies commonly (and purposely) make their statements confusing and ambiguous in order to hide junk fees and what the true rates are."

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