QLeads Links leads from your website to your software

QLeads Links leads from your website to your software.

By Chris Ogden

QFloors continues to blaze new technology trails in the industry, with the release of QLeads. This innovative program takes leads from external sources (like your company website or other lead generators), stores them, and then populates them into the QFloors Leads screen.
This integration delivers a lot of really valuable benefits.

Save Time and Dropped Balls.

QLeads means there’s no need to re-enter leads gained through your website and other external websites. They are uploaded via QLeads to your system. This ensures all leads are taken care of and that information is accurate, so you can focus on quickly following up and turning those leads into sales.

Track Trends and Performance

Are the leads coming in from your website primarily looking for a particular product type… for instance, LVT? How do your close rates of website leads compare to close rates from other sources? How well is your sales team following up? The many tracking reports that our QFloors Leads screen provides gives you helpful insight and direction.

Share and Integrate Information

When a lead turns into a sale in your QFloors system, it is automatically updated in your QLeads system. Information about the sale, materials, ticket price, and the customer is shared as well. QLeads facilitates the easy flow of information between your QFloors system and your website (or other external sites).

Trailblazing Innovation

QLeads is breaking new ground. As websites become more and more important in lead generation, QLeads will help you stay ahead of the game.

For more information on QFloors or QLeads, email sales@qprosoftware.com or visit www.qfloors.com.

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