QFloors Rolls Out New Logo, New Website

new qfloors logo

QFloors Rolls Out New Logo, New Website

By Chris Ogden

Salt Lake City, Utah— In an effort to communicate more effectively with potential and existing customers, QFloors flooring software recently unveiled a new logo, slogan, and website. The completely revamped website for the flooring software provider went live Monday, September 17.

“Our old logo, which we have had since starting the company in 2000, was outdated. We felt we needed to better represent the innovative, cutting-edge technology that we provide to customers,” said company CEO/President Chad Ogden.

A new slogan ‘Raise Profits. Lower Stress.’ was also introduced. Ogden explained,

“That’s what we do… we help flooring dealers raise their profitability and productivity through lower overhead and increased efficiency. Stress is significantly reduced when things are organized and streamlined, workloads are lightened, and owners know to the minute exactly how much money they have, how much they are profiting on each sale, precisely what their inventory is, and other essential information. A large number of our customers have expressed that without QFloors, they would not have survived the economic downturn. So we feel the slogan better represents what our computer system can do for floor covering professionals.”

The QFloors website (www.qfloors.com) has been completely reconstructed to provide a better experience for those wishing to gain information about the flooring software.

“Our old website was adequate, but we found that it was directed more towards our existing customers, and didn’t provide enough information for people who are looking to learn more about flooring software,” Ogden explained.

QFloors customers use the website to download updates, access training videos or webinars, view application notes or upcoming events, and read blogs covering helpful tips and information. But now most of that information appears after they log in as a customer.

When someone who is not a current customer surfs the website, they can more easily find information on products and pricing. Ogden explained the philosophy behind publishing the software’s prices for all to see.

“I believe we are the only flooring software company out there that publishes our pricing, right on the website, in black and white. We do this because we want to start a customer relationship on the right foot, without any surprises. Common practices like bait-and-switch, nickel-and-diming, lowball bids with lots of add-on’s, or any type of fuzzy pricing is not conducive to the relationship of support and trust we want to enjoy with our customers. And frankly, we feel like our prices are very reasonable, so we’re not afraid to publish them.”

With the new logo, new slogan, and new website, QFloors hopes to better educate the flooring industry about what they offer.

“We just want to make sure we are included as part of the mix when people start looking for software to meet their flooring business’ needs. Large or small, new construction, commercial, multi-family housing, or retail, we hope they’ll take the time to look at what we offer.” Ogden said. “It’s in a dealers’ best interest to do their homework and research their options before making that choice. And frankly, QFloors benefits when people make educated software decisions.”

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