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Software for Multi-Family Flooring Jobs

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Pre-Defined Templates

Save time with pre-defined templates. Create a new order in seconds. As property managers call to place new orders, you can use templates that will autofill with all of the product information, pricing, quantities, etc.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Supercharge efficiency with the best inventory management system in the industry. Accurate and easy-to-use inventory tracking is absolutely essential with the large volume and demands of multi-family housing. QFloors' inventory management features are unequaled.



Make life easier for your property managers and for you. QOrders, a web-based interface option, allows property managers to order unit replacements and easily share information with you about upcoming needs, dates, materials, or units.

Once they enter a particular order, it is automatically transferred into your QFloors system. Property managers can also access past orders, payments, and more.

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Account View

With our Account View product, you can assign usernames and passwords to your top repeat customer accounts. They can then sign in on any device and pull up a view of their sales order history and payments. All information is seamlessly shared through QConnect.

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Customer Payments

Customer Payments

Split payments between multiple sales invoices, even when the customer paid with a single check. Tracking and accurately applying those payments will be easier than ever with the help of QFloors software.

Batch Billing

Batch Billing

Save time by printing all of your outstanding customer invoices with a few simple clicks. Billing customers is quick and efficient with batch billing.

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Save Time, Effort, and Money with QFloors

QFloors' multi-family features streamline your flooring business so you save time on orders, billing, inventory, and more. Sign up for a free demo today and let's discuss how QFloors can help you meet your organization's goals.

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