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New Software Tool for Multi-Family Housing

Are you involved in multi-family housing?

QOrders is QFloors’ newest business-building software tool, specifically created to help flooring dealers with multi-family housing clients.

Once you have set up QOrders, your multi-family housing customers are given access to a website. Your contacts at the management company,apartment complex, etc. can then go to this web form to share information with you about upcoming needs, dates, material, which units, and any other pertinent information. It also gives your client a history of past orders, and what has and has not been paid to this point.

Once your customer has input the information, it is automatically transferred to your QFloors system, and notifies you. Quick and convenient, it saves both you and your customer time, prevents dropped balls and “he said/she said” scenarios, helps you look professional, and fosters loyalty between you and your client.

Pricing: $50 per month. For more than 500 orders a month, there will be a 10 cent charge per additional order.

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