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Credit Card Processing for Flooring Stores

Let’s be honest -- credit card processing can kind of be a confusing (and sometimes deceiving) business. Chad and Trent Ogden have spent hundreds of hours trying to find ways to best help and protect our customers, and to find processing options that integrate with QFloors, offer reasonable and straight-forward rates, and allow for remote processing away from the office.

We have 2 options available. Both options interface directly with the QFloors payments, customer accounts, and leads screens. Approved payments are automatically posted into QFloors. Both options are supported by QFloors.

Credit card processing machine
QPro Pay logo

QProPay is an in-house product, where QFloors controls and supports everything from the shipment of the terminals to the connection of QFloors to the terminals. QProPay offers the basic integrated payment features, plus a few new advanced enhancements, such as:

• Plug-n-play terminal setup that does not require an IT expert to attach to our system. This saves time, hassle, and expense for IT services.

• Upgraded security on keyed in cards.

• You don’t have to have a credit card present to do a return.

• You can get a token for all major credit cards, including American Express.

• All gateway and credit card processing support questions go through QFloors support.

• QProPay is a QFloors company product! That means we control the pricing, which should instill confidence for all customers.

To learn more about QProPay,
please contact QFloors Sales:

Phone: 801-563-0140, option 4

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QFloors has been a partner with Heartland credit card company for many years. The QFloors system integrates with Heartland, and is supported by both QFloors and Heartland customer service. Heartland uses Interchange Plus pricing with simple, easy-to-read detailed statements. You can get funds next day on payments batched before 5:00 pm EST or in 2 days if batched before 12:00 am EST.

For more information, contact this Heartland Payment System employee:

Jared Clark
Phone: 801-361-4141

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