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QReporter is about flexibility

QReporter - $699 (site license)

QReporter was designed to give QFloors users addtiional flexibility in reporting options. QReporter comes with several standardized reports (in addition to those contained in the QFloors product), such as Total Sales (by salesperson), Profitability (by job), Product Aging, Cash Receipts by Location, Customer Invoices with Logos, Profit and Loss Comparison, and Product Purchases by Manufacturer.

Another popular feature of QReporter is that if there is a specific report that you want adapted to your specific needs, you can create it. You can make simple modifications to your reports on your own. Or, if the customization is more complex, you can design the report the way you want it to look on a piece of paper, and QFloors will create it for you. The customized reports are an additional cost, based upon the complexity of the report. Generally, the cost of a custom report ranges between $100 - $300.

Current QFloors customers can download a trial version of QReporter from the QFloors download page.