A Q&A with QFloors CFO Trent Ogden

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What to Do if Business Slows Down: A Q&A with QFloors CFO Trent Ogden

Losing sleep over an uncertain future? Recently, QFloors CFO Trent Ogden talked to Floor Covering Weekly about how flooring software can greatly improve a business - even in times of uncertainty. A key to remaining profitable is to “sharpen the saw” or improve the parts of your business that need help while business is slow.

“Two of the most important goals tied to strengthening and fortifying your operation against a recession are to: 1) Make sure you are on top of your financial statements and use them to guide your business decisions; and 2) Automate your business as much as possible, so that you can run lean and efficiently…In a nutshell, you want to lower costs to give yourself some breathing room for the slower times.”

Read more about how you can automate your business and stay on top of your financials below.



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