QFloors Launches Affordable New Software Designed for Smaller Dealers

QFloors Launches Affordable New Software Designed for Smaller Dealers

By Chris Ogden

LAS VEGAS, NV — With an official ribbon cutting by QFloors owners Chad and Trent Ogden, the software company launched their new software, QPro POS+. Held the first day of TISE 2020, the launch party celebrated the official release of a browser-based cloud software program designed specifically for the thousands of smaller dealers in the flooring industry.

Currently, a significant number of smaller-sized flooring dealers are not benefiting from all the savings technology can bring. Why?

For many, the issue has been cost.

QFloors' new QPro POS+ cloud software is hoping to remove that excuse completely. It dramatically reduces IT costs, due to being 100% browser-based. That means it can be accessed by any device with an internet browser. This completely removes the need for a business to have to set up and maintain expensive servers, networks, and other pricey tech investments.

And starting at only $500 down, and $50 per month, QPro comes in at a price way below what industry-specific software typically requires.

"We wanted to completely remove the barrier of cost, and $50 a month is less than most people spend on lunch in a week, let alone a month," said QFloors CEO Chad Ogden.

QPro offers easy drag-and-drop navigation, and practical features customized to the needs of a floor-covering dealer. It can be used alone or alongside a generic accounting software such as QuickBooks.

QPro POS+ streamlines and manages inventory, sales orders, job costing, purchase orders, and commission, labor and sales tax reporting. It includes timesaving fcB2B capabilities (which QuickBooks can't offer) and an easy way to collapse, expand, or move line items. You can create "kits" that automatically group products, related items and accessories, and labor types. For instance, you could create a "shower kit" that would automatically bring up all the components for a typical job, which then could be quickly and easily customized for that particular order.

QPro customer Diane Watters (Modern Carpet & Flooring) says, "QPro is the perfect POS software solution for business owners that want to continue to use QuickBooks or some other accounting software for their bookkeeping and payroll, but maintain an affordable database for sales, quotes and inventory control. It's simple to learn and easy to use. It was exactly what I was looking for in a flooring software package."

QFloors has been working on the new technology for several years, and so the release of QPro POS+ was a much anticipated, much celebrated event. “QPro is not a renovation or reformatting of QFloors, but its own innovation. It’s not QFloors just pasted into a browser,” said Ogden. “Because it is a completely different type of technology, every single line of code is new. We brought over concept and design elements from our QFloors legacy software, but we were not able to use any of our old code. We’ve built it from the ground up. So it’s been a huge undertaking. It’s been a long road – much longer than we originally planned – but we are thrilled to be celebrating this important release. I think it will be game-changing for the smaller dealers who really haven’t had many good options in the past.”

Later, Chad Ogden reflected on the rewards and the challenges of blazing your own path. “We’ve done this throughout our 20 years in the industry. It started when we came in with a Windows based software program, when almost everyone else was using menu-driven software like DOS. Then we have been a longtime supporter and leader in fcB2B, and were quick to embrace those technologies. Now, with QPro, we’ve designed a complete browser-based software. And I think it is a milestone that the whole industry will look back on in the future.”

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