Generic vs Flooring-Specific Software

Why Should You Seriously Consider Flooring-Specific Software?

There are dozens of benefits that software customized for the flooring industry can bring to a business owner, that generic solutions like spreadsheets or off-the-shelf accounting software (like QuickBooks™, for example) cannot.

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QFloors Benefits vs. Using Generic Accounting Software:

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Software created with flooring in mind

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Measurements are flooring-specific (sq. feet, sq. yards, linear feet, etc.)

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Meticulous inventory tracking and tighter controls

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Automatic sales commissions calculations

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Instant, accurate, user-friendly job costing, right on the proposal screen

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Automatic sales and use-tax corrections help prevent you from paying too much or too early

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Automatic California CARE tax tracking

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Labor tracking modules help you easily track contractor payments.

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Via fcB2B you can import price lists, product catalogs, shipping information, etc.

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Easy for all employees to learn and use (rather than just the back office)

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Helps you grow without needing to hire more people

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Accurate Sales and Cost of Goods Sold recognition

In a nutshell, it all boils down to this:

With QFloors, you can make more money, with less effort and overhead.

Bicycles and Flooring Software

What do bicycles have to do with flooring software?

We’re so glad you asked.

Think back to when you were learning to ride a bicycle. Once the training wheels came off, you were cruising along like you owned the neighborhood. Perhaps your first bike (depending on your age) looked something like this?

kid's bike left pointing arrow

But you eventually outgrew that one-gear bicycle. It couldn’t carry you as well as it did once. And so you graduated to a multi-gear bicycle. Perhaps something like this:

right pointing arrow multi-gear bike

Now, with a more sophisticated “ride”, you could go faster and further, with less effort. You climbed hills like they were speed bumps. Your bike’s shocks made for a more comfortable ride, and the brakes worked much better, allowing you to avoid obstructions in your path.

Whether mountain or road bike, a bike with multiple gears helps us to get where we are going quicker and more easily. It’s no longer 100% dependent upon our own stamina. Each pedal stroke is more efficient.

The same thing applies when you examine the difference of using basic spreadsheets or accounting software (“one-gear” tools, designed for any sort of business) or floor-covering business software (a “multigear” tool, customized to maximize your operation in every way).

multiple devices qfloors

Using the right tool (or bike) makes all the difference.

These “one gear” systems will only allow you to progress so far, and you’ll eventually wear out, trying to keep up as your business grows and becomes more complex.

Flooring-specific management software (also called ERP software) provides efficiencies that will allow the dealer to do more business with less cost, providing a more profitable business. The automation saves time and effort, allowing you to have a life outside of work.

QFloors Sales Screen

How does QFloors help your bottom line?

Watch this short video excerpt, in which QFloors president Chad Ogden shares an example of the dollar difference QFloors can make.

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