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fcB2B Features Save Time and Overhead

Using QFloors' B2B flooring technology and features will save you an enormous amount in time and in overhead costs. Data entry time and telephone calls are slashed, freeing up employees to work on more important things. In fact, utilizing fcB2B means you can handle MORE work with the same number of employees! Direct electronic uploads from your most important suppliers dramatically reduces mistakes and overbilling, and ensures you have up-to-date information on pricing, products, stock, billing, and shipping.

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Electronic Product Catalog Management

Import and update Product Catalogs and Price Lists directly from your supplier into QFloors. (This includes special pricing from territory managers!) Everything is integrated so product detail and retail pricing show up on your QFloors sales invoice screen as you fill it out. fcB2B downloads indicate discontinued products, special pricing, etc., helping to ensure your product catalog is up-to-date and accurate.

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Electronic Purchase Orders

Place an order with your supplier without having to call or go to their website. Electronic PO's greatly reduce mistakes and overbilling. Larger dealers will save thousands of dollars a year in time and mistakes. Users also report that B2B flooring features allows them to get responses much quicker than calling or going to a website.

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Advanced Shipping Notifications

Via B2B, your flooring supplier automatically sends all pertinent information before the truck arrives at your warehouse door. Shipping and dye-lot information are automatically integrated into your purchasing and receiving records in QFloors. All your warehouse manager needs to do is confirm delivery. Once again, this saves hours of time.

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Electronic Vendor Bills

Reduce data entry by automatically downloading your vendor bills into QFloors. If you have done electronic PO's, the billing is automatically matched up to the Purchase Order and checked for mistakes. Any discrepancies are red flagged. Payment schedules are also automatically created.

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Web Services Provide Even More Connection

Web Services encompasses the latest B2B flooring technology offerings. With this new, cutting edge electronic communication, you can send inquiries to participating flooring suppliers, and get answers back immediately. For instance, through real time interactions with suppliers' servers, you can find out things such as, “How much stock do you have of this?”, “Which glues and trim pieces go with this item?”, “What's the status of this order — is it back ordered?”, “What's the current price of this product?”, and “May I reserve this item in advance?” QFloors is one of the flooring industry leaders in Web Services fcB2B technology.

Ready to Get Started?

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Check Out fcB2B Suppliers

View this list of fcB2B suppliers. Identify which suppliers you use.

fcB2B Certifications
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Decide Where to Start.

Review the chart of Certified Vendors' current fcB2B offerings. See which functions your suppliers are currently certified to do with QFloors. Decide which flooring supplier(s) you'd like to start with for B2B transfers.

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Establish an account with the supplier.

Contact the supplier directly, give them your store information, and tell them you wish to utilize their B2B flooring services. Information on how to contact them for fcB2B accounts is conveniently accessed by clicking on their logo on this page:

fcB2B Chart of Suppliers

We're Here To Help.

We are here to help with any fcB2B questions you may have. Feel free to reach out to our support department at any time.

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