Introducing QCloud

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Introducing QCloud

By Chris Ogden

Perhaps you've heard of "Cloud Computing". It's a term that is creating a lot of buzz right now. Basically, it refers to a business taking care of its IT needs over the "cloud" (or internet). You're already using cloud products if you use web-based e-mail like Hotmail, Yahoo!, or Gmail.

Now QFloors offers cloud computing solutions, with QCloud.

The benefit of cloud computing is that it takes the worry and risk out of your technology maintenance. You don’t have to stress about computers going down, servers failing, or loss of your data through theft, natural disaster, or human error. Because your software and data exist in the “cloud” (rather than on a specific piece of computer equipment), you can access it anytime, anywhere -- through your office desktops, home computer, laptop, iPad, tablet, smartphone, etc. You just have to have internet connection. Data is automatically backed up for you and stored securely. There’s less maintenance and it provides the flexibility to grow with your company without having to invest in additional computer hardware. QCloud is a great solution for many of you.

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