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Take the Worry and Risk Out of Your Technology Maintenance

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Cloud Computing Solutions from QFloors

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RDP Cloud Computing & Backup Services for Flooring

In basic terms, “cloud computing” refers to a business taking care of its IT needs over the “cloud” (or internet). You're already using cloud products if you use Web-based e-mail like Hotmail, Yahoo! or Gmail.

With cloud computing, you access services or resources across the internet on an as-needed basis. This type of business has been around for a long time in other areas. For example, you don't have to own a full phone exchange system in order to make a phone call.

You own a handset, and that handset is connected to an exchange system that the phone company owns. You pay a monthly rental fee to use that exchange system when you need to make a call. Same thing with the cloud.

The benefit of cloud computing is it takes the worry and risk out of your technology maintenance. You don't have to stress about computers going down, servers failing, or loss of your data through theft, natural disaster, or human error.

Because your software and data exist in the “cloud” (rather than on a specific piece of computer equipment), you can access it anytime, anywhere -- through your office desktop computers, home computer, laptop, iPad, tablet, smartphone, etc. You just have to have internet connection.

Data is automatically backed up for you and stored securely. There's less maintenance and it provides the flexibility to grow with your company without having to invest in additional computer hardware.

Best of all, this service is reasonably priced. Charges start as low as $120 per month.

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Benefits of Running Your Business Through The Cloud

  1. It's more reliable, with 99.9% uptime. Significantly reduces the threat of your system going down due to viruses, power surges or outages, natural disasters, hard drive failure, etc.
  2. Automatic backups.
  3. Data is always accessible, regardless of location or platform. You can access it at work, at home, or on the go, as long as you have an internet connection.
  4. Data is protected from theft, virus, corruption.
  5. Less worry and hassle. The provider takes care of all maintenance and software installation. You don't have to worry about IT problems anymore.
  6. Convenient.
  7. Minimizes IT costs and time. Once you have your internet connectivity, you won't need a lot of help from your local computer technician.
  8. Protected environment keeps your information safe.
  9. Easily scalable and flexible, so it can grow with your company's needs.
  10. Reasonably priced, for as little as $120 per month.

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Automatic QCloud Software Backups

All QCloud customers have their data backed up each night. We back up the database, Document Manager and the Reports Folder. These backups are stored offsite in a remote location. These daily backups are saved for 10 days.

At the start of each month we also save one of the daily backups, and we save those for 6 months. Additionally, we also save an annual backup of the data. These backups are independently audited every night by QFloors software. We check each customer to make sure that the backup took place. If there was a problem with the backup, we are notified immediately.

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The Nuts & Bolts

QCloud is a cluster of servers with redundant server capacity immediately available should anything fail. This server cluster is supported by a hard disk farm called a SAN, once again with redundant capacity so that any failure will not create an outage.

Both the server performance and the hard drives have specifically been configured to optimally support the QFloors application.

This complex environment is housed in a commercial grade datacenter with redundant power, battery backups, cooling and internet connections. It is monitored and maintained on a 24/7 basis by skilled staff. Computers, hard drives and software are all maintained and upgraded or replaced as needed.

In the past this type of service was only available to the very largest of companies who could afford to spend the money necessary to create and maintain the environment. Today QFloors customers can take advantage of these services for a low monthly cost. They then can have all of the benefits this system offers without spending the hundreds of thousands of dollars required to recreate it themselves.

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System Requirements

  • Computer or device connecting to QCloud must support Microsoft Remote Desktop client, including Apple/Mac computers and devices.
  • For handheld devices, we recommend a screen size of at least 7 inches. (Bigger is better.)
  • Not all printers are compatible with Microsoft Remote Desktop. Some wireless printers, and also some multi-function all-in-one printers, may not be compatible with this service.
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