The Power of Partnerships

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The Power of Partnerships

By Chris Ogden

QFloors isn’t your run-of-the-mill software company that aggressively tries to sell and force software products down your throat. Rather, its main focus is to help customers reach their potential and grow their business. When Chad and Trent Ogden started QFloors, they did so with a passion for being partners with their customers.

Why is having a software partner in the flooring industry important? A true partner does everything they can to help others utilize their software to the fullest. They constantly are in contact with their customers, provide a plethora of training resources, and step people through implementation according to their timelines (and not their own). They also don’t drop off the face of the earth once someone starts using their software…they continue to offer assistance week after week, month after month, and eventually year after year, until they have a strong and personal relationship with their customer. Additionally, a good partner in the flooring industry always asks for feedback and is actively making changes to become better.

QFloors isn’t perfect, but we do try to follow many of these practices so people view us more as a partner/constant than a software company. Hear two customers talk about their relationship with QFloors and what that partnership means to them:


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