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qfloors on device, hardwood floor background

QFloors Acquires Winsched Software

July 2013

(Salt Lake City, Utah) QFloors has purchased Winsched Software Corp, out of Monroe, Washington. QFloors CEO Chad Ogden and WinSched founder Mike Myhre jointly announced that on May 28, an agreement was signed, giving QFloors intellectual property rights to all WinSched products, and specifying that all sales and support would Immediately exclusively come through QFloors.

Winsched has been a long time partner of QFloors, collaborating on many third party tools, including QSched,QReporter, andDocument Manager. QFloors CEO Chad Ogden stated,

This is the evolution of our long term relationship with WinSched. Mike is a gifted developer and has created excellent software products for the industry. We are excited to assume complete responsibility for the support and sales, and most particularly the technology of WinSched products under the QFloors umbrella. This will allow even tighter integration between all QFloors products and give us greater control over future product development and new features incorporated, which will be of great benefit to our customers. I think this acquisition is just another indication of how committed QFloors is to providing the best possible solutions in the floor covering industry to our users.

The WinSched products include labor scheduling, advanced reporting, document managing, and cutting machine software specifically created for flooring stores. QFloors is one of the leading suppliers of business management software to the floor covering industry.