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QFloors and MeasureSquare™ Announce New Partnership

November 2017

(South Jordan, Utah) Two technology leaders of flooring software, QFloors and MeasureSquare™, are now tied together in a formal partnership.  Chad Ogden, QFloors President, announced the new closely aligned relationship during the software company's Users Conference.

Ogden shared with attendees of the conference, held November 4-11 on a Caribbean cruise on the Norwegian Escape, the news of the partnership and why he felt it would help QFloors customers.

QFloors and MeasureSquare™ entered into an agreement October 19, 2017 that allows QFloors the rights to market, sell, and support MeasureSquare™ software products. In addition, integration between the companies’ products will be more closely aligned. Ogden explained, “This agreement pairs two of the top software solutions for the floor covering industry in a strategic alliance that will provide a more comprehensive and seamless solution for all types of floor covering dealers – commercial, multi-family, builder, and retail.” 

MeasureSquare™ has been a leader among estimation products, distinguished for its superior iPad/iPhone mobile tools, along with its industry-leading commercial desktop solution.

QFloors has experienced explosive growth, establishing itself as an industry leader in ERP and business solutions. Ogden explained, “QFloors has become the fastest growing ERP business software solution (in terms of new clients added each year) in the industry.” He credits multiple reasons behind the company's growth.  “Most customers cite our ease of use, superior design and excellent customer support as contributing factors.” Ogden also credited a strong sales and marketing team for the increase. “I project that within the next 3 years, QFloors will have the largest number of clients actively using business management software (ERP) in the industry.”

With the new partnership, QFloors will now market, sell and support MeasureSquare™ products along with its other software packages. MeasureSquare™ will also continue to independently sell and support its clients. Ogden stated, “Partnering together, we're able to create the strongest combination of estimation and business software in the industry.”

Dr. Steven Wang, President of MeasureSquare™ Corp. also added the following statement: "We have had a long-time partnership with QFloors. By far they are the most customer-focused software company. Both of our companies are committed to integrating our products seamlessly, which will significantly streamline the measure estimating-to-sales process for flooring dealers."

Historically, QFloors had taken a fairly neutral position on estimation products. Ogden says this is because they wanted to take the time to completely understand all of the solutions available. “We have a very high standard of quality, and wanted to feel confident that products we recommended met that criterion. We now can say with assurance that we're bringing to existing and new customers the best technology in the industry, both in estimation and in business management/ERP.  In QFloors' 18 year history, this is the first relationship of this type, and we are excited about the possibilities. By more closely integrating these products and companies together, it will be a win win for all involved, but most particularly for the end user.”