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Q x 2 – QFloors Doubles Size in 3 Years

July 2016

Flooring Technologies, maker of QFloors flooring software, has doubled in size over the past three years, says company CFO Trent Ogden. In response to explosive sales of the ERP business management software -- created with the unique needs of the floor covering dealer in mind -- the company has added new positions and new employees.

QFloors CFO and owner Trent Ogden explains,

This rapid growth has caused us to restructure in order to meet the needs of our flourishing customer base. It’s important to us that we put in place the right structures and the right people, so we can continue to deliver the same high level of customer service that has helped set us apart in the floor covering industry.

President/CEO Chad Ogden is excited about the changes.

QFloors had its best year ever in 2015, and 2016 is already looking like it will exceed that…especially with the release of our new cloud software, QPro. We are investing a lot towards infrastructure to accommodate the growth that we are experiencing. New phone systems, servers, computer systems, software tools, and employees are all things we have invested in within the past year, just to try to keep up with the growth. I think with the people and structure we have in place now, we are poised for great things ahead.

QFloors has hired the following new employees: Florencia Campos Yapura (customer support), Kristy Soto (customer support), Shawn Moss (major account executive, sales), Von Packard (B2B specialist), and Tasi Cluff (junior software engineer). Interviews for additional customer support employees are currently underway.

New positions within the company include Ron Cluff (Director of Training), Ted Schultz (Director of Sales), Colten Gines (Manager, Customer Support), Kevin Cox (Manager, Professional Services), Tony Fabrizio (Director of Product Development), and Licia Bailey (Web Design/Developer). Aerin Ogden has also assumed an expanded role in the Advertising department.

According to QFloors Customer Support Manager Colten Gines, the personnel additions are just another example of how the company continues to grow and progress.

One thing I love about working for QFloors is the incredible team that surrounds me. The honest, hardworking attitude of each person is represented by the products and services we offer. We are constantly improving.

CEO/President Chad Ogden agrees. Furthermore, he believes the recent infrastructure additions will allow the flooring software company to grow at an even faster pace.

All of these things are part of our strategy to be ready for the explosion that we expect upon releasing our new QPro browser-based cloud software products.

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