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New Digital Software Enhancements Released at TISE 2024

February 2024

During the 2024 TISE show, QFloors unveiled upcoming technologies and digital solutions to move the flooring industry forward.

New Pay Now Features

QFloors dealers using QPay can now add a custom “Pay Now” payment button to their website, invoices, and emails.This button takes customers to a web page where they can enter their credit card information and make a payment right there on the spot.

Not to mention, payments via QPay credit card processing are integrated and sent to the QFloors system so dealers don’t have to worry about manual entry.

Why this matters: These features make it easier than ever for dealers to collect payments without having to chase anyone down. These digital enhancements are saving dealers, time, money, and effort.

New Installer View Product

At Surfaces 2024, QFloors also released a new Installer View product, which allows installers to access their schedules and job details on any device with a web browser. Installer View is also synced to QFloors so job information is updated in real time.

Why this matters: This new product helps improve the communication between dealers and installers. Installer View helps everyone stay on the same page, prevents dropped balls, and reduces mistakes.

New Commercial Features

To accommodate dealers who specialize in commercial, residential, multi-family housing or a combination of the three, QFloors has also worked to release new commercial-specific features in their ERP software.

Why this matters: These digital enhancements in 2024 will make it easier for dealers to do commercial work without having to use an entirely different system. Everything can be done in the all-in-one QFloors ERP business software.

Overall, the TISE show was a huge success. It’s an exciting time to be in the flooring industry as more and more technological advancements come out. QFloors will continue to develop new and improved solutions for flooring dealers and will be releasing more advancements later this year and beyond.

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