Surcharging & Credit Card Processing Tips for Floor Dealers

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Surcharging & Credit Card Processing Tips for Floor Dealers

Has your flooring business been getting burnt with excessive credit card fees and rates? In this second episode of TalkFloor’s “Technology For Flooring Retailers” series, QFloors CEO Ogden explains:

  • how traditional credit card processing works (and what to look out for)
  • what surcharging is and how it has saved dealers thousands of dollars in credit card fees
  • new Pay Now Request technologies and other payment features/integrations
  • and more!
"I think most dealers have probably been burned in the past. That's the truth of it, right? Somebody has. Almost everybody has had a bad experience somewhere where they will promise something they weren't. One thing we do for free is if you're unsure, you could give us your last three credit card statements, and we can tell really quickly if you have junk fees or if you’re not getting a good deal, if you're being taken advantage of. [It doesn’t matter] if you have QFloors, or if you don't."

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Listen to the podcast episode below:

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