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Floor covering software is our passion. We want business owners to make an informed decision when purchasing ERP business accounting software. If you don't find the answer you are looking for, please contact us! We are here to help.

QFloors streamlines and manages your flooring business, start to finish.  Powerful, efficient, and easy-to-use, it handles inventory, bids, sales, customers, job costing, accounting, payroll, taxes, and reports.  Additional features include bar-coding, sales productivity (CRM) tools, instant stock check, promotional pricing, tag printing, advanced customized reporting, B2B technology, integrated scheduling, and more.

Flooring Technologies (dba QFloors) is passionate in its efforts to help flooring dealers increase their company’s profitability, productivity, and efficiency by better organizing their operations and finances.  Along with software tools, we also provide business consulting, accounting assistance, cloud hosting, and other services to meet those ends.  Our management and employees have extensive experience in accounting, bookkeeping, computers, and every facet of the flooring industry.

home? Yes. | my Mac? Yes. | my pc? Yes. | a laptop? Yes. | my iPad/tablet/notebook computer? Yes. | my smartphone? Yes. | a remote location? Yes. | the moon? Not yet. But give us time.

Yes. And we’d be happy to show you how, via a free online demo. Request A Free Demo Will they be accurate? Yes -- razor sharp accuracy.

To keep your costs low, we offer a payroll services through third party integrations and have training videos on how to use other third party softwares with QFloors.View Partners

Yes! Our job costing is one of the features our customers rave about the very most. It is quick, user-friendly, easy to access, and provides pinpoint accuracy. Most of our customers say it is the best job costing method they have ever used. You can see for yourself how it works with a free online demo. Request A Free Demo

Yes. Many of our customers have multiple locations.

Yes. Our inventory management and tracking is another feature customers really love. We’d be happy to show you how it works through a free online demo. Request A Free Demo

Retail flooring stores, commercial operations, distributors, new construction, multi-family housing, labor only, multiple locations, etc. We have software specifically created for small, mid-size, and large businesses.

Yes, we have many customers with unique needs who are using QFloors software successfully in their stores. We would be happy to talk about how it can meet your business’s particular needs.Give us a call today.


Sorry, QFloors currently is only available for companies located in the U.S. and Canada.

Yes. While there is always a learning curve required for any new software or business system you incorporate, (hence the term “new”), we feel we are hands-down the most user-friendly flooring software available. We have many customers who, prior to learning QFloors, had never used a computer before.

QFloors is very comprehensive in what it provides. If there is something particular you wish to ask, give us a call and we can show you how QFloors takes care of that particular task, report, or need.

Yes, we have a version of QFloors that can work in tandem with QuickBooks, Peachtree, Quicken or other generic accounting products. QFloors Basic provides inventory management, CRM, customer invoicing, job costing, commissions, labor payments, accounts receivable, customer payments, PO’s, ordering, inventory, and more. Many people who are really happy with QuickBooks for their back office needs find this to be a great combination.

Yes. Over 90% of our customers use QFloors rather than QuickBooks (or other generic program) to take care of their accounting needs. This way all business operations, financials, and CRM data are integrated together. We feel we take care of the needs of the flooring industry much better than QuickBooks can.

QFloors was created specifically for the unique needs of the flooring industry. It provides B2B features (electronic downloads directly from the manufacturer or distributor). It provides remote access to your data through QFloors Mobile. Its inventory management tracking is a) awesome; and b) specific to how the flooring industry works. QFloors computes taxes, reports, and financials based on the floor-covering industry and your particular state or province’s laws, rather than a “one-size-fits-all” formula, which means the numbers and reports are more accurate. Customer support is significantly better with QFloors. Contact us for a side-by-side comparison of the two products.

Yes, certain types of information will transfer. For instance, customer information, inventory, vendor information, product definitions, and employee information can be transferred from QuickBooks when setting up QFloors.

Basically it refers to a business taking care of its IT needs over the “cloud” (or internet). You’re already using cloud products if you use Web-based e-mail like Hotmail, Yahoo! or Gmail. QFloors offers QCloud, which automatically protects, stores, maintains, and backs up your data. All you need is an internet connection to access your data. QCloud PDF
Learn more about the cloud and QCloud

Check out the comparison chart of the various QFloors business management software options.

QFloors is user-friendly, reasonably priced, comprehensive, offers cutting-edge technology and the best support in the business, and was created specifically for the floor covering industry. And that’s just a start. Contact us to learn more.

We are the only flooring software provider to do so. We do it because we feel passionately about happy customers. And we realize that tactics like bait-and-switch, nickel and diming, false mark-downs, surprise add-ons, and fuzzy pricing are not conducive to long-term customer relationships. We are fair, upfront, and honest with our pricing. Compare our products and prices

Because our software is customized rather than a one-size-fits-all generic program. That customization brings features specifically created to increase profitability, productivity, and efficiency for a flooring business, along with the ability to transfer information electronically to/from manufacturers and distributors through B2B.  In addition, our support staff is made up of people who are well versed in the flooring industry, and know how things work from an accounting side and operational side.  That will NOT be who you speak to when trying to get help with your generic accounting software.

B2B stands for “business to business”. It refers to the sending and receiving of information using computer technology. In a floor covering business, fcb2b compliant software can electronically transfer information between flooring dealers and manufacturers or distributors. For more information visit “Partners” and “B2B”

Yes, QFloors has been involved with the B2B initiative from the start.  We are leading the industry in supporting the B2B standard and implementing it into our software.

There are several different options. QFloors offers unlimited free training for the first year of purchase. That means you can call and receive telephone and online training as often as you wish, for as many persons as you wish. We also offer free basic 2-day trainings on a monthly basis in Salt Lake City, Utah. You can send as many employees as you wish, for free – you only pay travel expenses. We also offer video and webinar trainings. A highly popular option is our 4-day onsite conversion and training, where a QFloors employee will come to your store(s) and help you completely convert your business over to QFloors, train your employees, etc. There is a cost for this option. If you would be interested in a bid based upon your company’s needs,contact a QFloors representative today.

Yes. We have several different options. Contact a QFloors representative for specific pricing and options.

Maintenance fees are what enable a software company to remain in business and continue to update and support the software. The only software companies who do not charge some sort of maintenance fee force you to upgrade every few years. With your purchase of QFloors software, your first year of maintenance and support is free. After that year, you are assessed a yearly charge, which is a percentage of your purchase price. That optional fee allows you to get updated tax tables, software updates (generally 3 per year), unlimited support and training, and more. If you choose not to renew your maintenance contract, you can still use your particular version of the software, but you do not receive updates of any type and will pay per instance when seeking technical support.

QFloors has been selling flooring software since 2000.

Monday & Friday 8 am - 5 pm, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 8 am – 6 pm.  (All times are Mountain Standard Time).  We also offer after hours emergency service.