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Communicate Effortlessly with Installers

Flooring installers can now check their installation schedules right from their phones (or any other device).

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for up to 10 installers or FREE with QPay

*Reach out for a specific quote for more than 10 installers, or to learn more about getting this product free via QPay credit card processing (and other advantages QPay provides).

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Quickly Pull Up Your Installation Schedule via a Web Broswer

Installer View allows installers to easily access their calendars from wherever they are.

Job Notes At Your Fingertips

When the flooring installer taps on an appointment, they can see a basic overview of the job with additional notes.

Important Note: You can use Installer View with or without QSched scheduling software.

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Updates In Real Time

When you make an adjustment from the office, the update is instantly viewable on their screens. Changes appear in real time.

It’s an easy way to prevent confusion and ensure that flooring dealers and installers are all on the same page.

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