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QFloors customers say it best

Successes our customers have achieved with QFloors

QFloors is much more user-friendly than the other systems we've used. Particularly with being able to switch between screens and between job duties. There's a lot of ease in being able to go back and forth between the frames.

Dallas Buckway | Americarpets of Riverdale

What Customers Are Saying

Jennifer Homeyer

Jennifer Homeyer
(The Design House)

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"The three biggest things I love with QFloors are: 1) that it is easy to navigate within the system; 2) the invoices are customized and easy to read; and 3) QPay, and all it allows us to do. My relationship with QFloors feels like a team. I played sports my entire life, and that's why I created my own business with the idea of “There's no “I” in team.” And you (QFloors) are a part of my “we”."

waylon reeves

Waylon Reeves
(White River Flooring)

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"We have used QFloors as a company since 2007. One of the best decisions in business that we ever made...QFloors has given us the ability to grow from a less than $1M company to a $7M company in one location."

typhannie watson

Typhannie Watson
(Carpeting by Mike)

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"My business has been with QFloors since 2002. I highly recommend them... Through it all QFloors has performed beautifully, updates are timely, and communication is so FAST! There is no perfect situation out there for everyone, but for us - It is PERFECTION! If you haven't made the switch, do it now - the time alone that we have saved, is irreplaceable."

dan wecker

Dan Wecker
(Wecker's Carpet)

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"If you are looking to make the switch from pen and paper to a flooring software program, QFloors is hands down the way to go...QFloors has helped to increase our margins and has cut down on time spent on the tedious tasks that come with running a flooring store using pen and paper."

janka white

Janka White
(Floor Dimensions)

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"After using a different system for over 32 years we finally decided to switch over to QFloors and all I can say is I wish we would have done it long time ago. For one, the freedom I now have to work from anywhere has been life changing. Second, for our sales staff to be able to immediately see the profit margins on their jobs has truly been revolutionary..."

aaron falk

Aaron Falk
(Nonn's Flooring, LLC)

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"QFloors is intuitive; it's symmetrical, it's left to right. The process of business moves left to right in QFloors and you can see intuitively how it works. Whereas with other software products you'd have 15 different screens buried in and you'd have to really be working with the software for a really long time to even grasp what's going on. So QFloors is very simple to understand right off the bat."

judy wells

Judy Wells
(Geneva Flooring)

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"QFloors really cares. They continually work to make their software the most effective for all aspects of the flooring business, and their free, in-house support is unparalleled. They have NEVER let me down, not once. Kudos to the founders and every one of their employees. Their dedication shows."

jim brown

Jim Brown
(CarpetsPlus Colortile)

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"We have used QuickBooks and other flooring software. QFloors is by far the best when it comes to ease and service! Their support team is second to none and are definitely worth looking into. Thank you QFloors for making the software portion of our business run smoothly!"

mary jane dorman

Mary Jane Dorman
(Flagship Floors)

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"QFloors is much more user-friendly than the other systems we've used. Particularly with being able to switch between screens and between job duties. There's a lot of ease in being able to go back and forth between the frames."

Mike Phoenix

Mike Phoenix
(Floor Decor)

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"The program does it all - lead management, inventory control, invoicing and accounting. We can pull up out financials with the click of a button. The support staff is amazing and very responsive to our needs. We highly recommend QFloors to any flooring retailer looking for software that is specific to the flooring industry. Light years ahead of QuickBooks"

More Customer Experiences

Best decision I ever did was go with QFloors for my flooring software. It takes care of practically everything. If you can't understand something- you can call their support team. They've answered the phone every time and have all been wonderful to work with. Especially, Kristy! She's a rockstar when it comes to this software and just amazing to talk to. One of those people that just makes your day every time you talk to them. It's great software with a solid team behind it. I definitely recommend it.

Erich Buchanan | | Austin, TX

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As a flooring store owner for more than 30 years, and trying to make QuickBooks work for 24 years, (unsuccessfully) when we did our final analysis, QFloors came out on top. While converting to new software has been challenging at times, we are pleased to say QFloors has been a great fit for us. Their support staff is always available and very friendly. We enthusiastically give them 5 stars. If we had to do it over again there would be no contest, we would choose QFloors again. Can't wait for all the new upgrades and enhancements QFloors will soon offer. Thank you for all you do, you guys are the best!

Rich Seland | Seland's Abbey Flooring Center | Fergus Falls, MN

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QFloors has been providing their services to us for almost 2 decades. They have amazing support and communication. As our business has grown over the years, we feel that QFloors has been with us every step of the way. Their platform is very customizable to our specific needs. QFloors is our solution for invoicing, payment collection, product catalog, and so much more. They come highly recommended from us at Castle Floors!

Erich Buchanan | | Austin, TX

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QFloors was an investment that paid off within the first few weeks of using it. QFloors brought us to another level of doing business. We became organized. It saved us money right off the bat. But the best part of QFloors is their technical support. If you have a question or a problem, you are going to get a good set of ears to listen. They will spend the time you need. Support is without question their strongest feature and the most compelling reason to purchase. You're just not going to get that anywhere else…QFloors is the easiest and most comprehensive software that I've seen.

Joe Montemagni | Bay State Rug | Chicopee, MA

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As a flooring dealer, you stress service in your business. That's what differentiates you from competitors. QFloors stresses service and that's what separates them from competitors.

Linda McCurley | National Flooring & Supply of Brentwood | Brentwood, CA

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We tried many of the top floor-covering software systems available in the industry, and we were unhappy with them for various reasons. When we found the QFloors program, we were almost a little nervous about it. It just seemed too good to be true. It was a very simple program: easy to use; easy to teach. It takes care of all the things we need it to for our type of business.

As a national company, we needed to feel confident about what we were bringing to our members. It had to be easy to use, because we were going to be asking a lot of people throughout the country to learn this system. But it still had to be able to cover the range of things we needed it to do. Those were the critical factors for us, when we were looking at software. And now experience has convinced us that QFloors is that program.

We've been extremely happy with our relationship with QFloors. It is the only software we recommend to our Mohawk floorz members.

John Brady | Floorz LLC | Naples, FL

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QFloors is much more user-friendly than the other systems we've used. Particularly with being able to switch between screens and between job duties. There's a lot of ease in being able to go back and forth between the frames.

The support at QFloors has always been top-notch. I can always count on someone answering our questions in a very timely fashion…The support staff is always very friendly. And patient! What's really funny is that at very beginning we counted on that a lot. But as we've progressed it's very rare we call them at all because of the ability of being able to understand the program.

In the 10 years that we have been in business, my husband… would never work with any of the software programs. They were too complicated and he couldn't maneuver around them. We knew the software was supposed to be able to produce reports that he needed, both as a salesperson and as a business owner. But it was a nightmare when he'd ask for those reports. We'd say “We're trying, we're trying!” We'd always have to delay the time it took to get the reports to him. Once we got QFloors, that all changed. Now he can open the system up every day and see any current report he may want to look at — whether it's reports on orders, margins, sales for the month, the year, the quarter — whatever! It's great, because we finally have a program he can walk through very easily to get the information he needs to stay up on. And we don't have to do it for him!

Another great thing about QFloors is that it's so forgiving. If you should happen to make an error you are able to correct it fairly easily. It's not something that makes you go through a long declaration of changes before you can get to the one item you need to alter.

Thank goodness Chad had the wherewithal, when he was designing the program, to see the need for something more user-friendly out there. He did his research beforehand, and had the experience to see what was needed in the market. It's just too bad he didn't get the word out sooner to all of us before we wasted our money on other programs first!

Mary Jane Dorman | Flagship Floors | League City, TX

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You can't afford not to buy QFloors. QFloors allows you to get by with fewer employees and keeps you more organized. It is geared to the flooring business.

I researched software for 2 years before I bought it. I called users of several different software programs, and QFloors was the only one where I couldn't find any unhappy customers. I can see why.

Nick Boss | Floor Mart of Florida| Cape Coral, FL

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I love QFloors. It's the best thing I ever did for the business. I had to drag our owner kicking and screaming, but after using it — WOW! It will do so many things. It saves us time and money. It helps us be more professional. It helps us track and project. We know what products we are selling the most of, and what we always need to have in stock. It prevents us from selling something we don't have. It catches price and invoice discrepancies. QFloors saves us money every day.

QFloors can more than pay for itself. It can take an employee who is now spending time in accounting and paperwork and free him or her up to be selling and working with customers.

And QFloors is incredibly easy to use. You don't have to have the brightest and the best to run it. It's user-friendly.

You can't live without it. You just don't know it yet. If you use it for three months, you'll keep it. It's incredibly important to your business.

Karyn Rich | Warehouse Flooring Inc | Auburndale, FL

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Before, we were managing chaos. QFloors has truly saved my sanity, and increased my bottom line the first few months of using it. Each year we have grown stronger, and I attribute that partially to our QFloors system. I can now manage my company, versus it managing me.

But what I like most is how well they listen. It is obvious to us that this company cares about their product and the relationship they grow with their clients. When you have a question, you never feel like an inconvenience; they are always friendly.”

Michelle Laws | Laws Abbey Flooring Center | Jonesboro, AR

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I like that everything with QFloors is based on the flooring business. We used QuickBooks previously, and we had a lot of work to get the language to tie in with the flooring business. At first my bookkeeper was upset about us purchasing QFloors. Now she loves it and how well it works.

With QFloors, you are not missing anything, whether it's coming in or going out. It allows us to hit our margins. It keeps us up to date on pricing through B2B. I love that it keeps us from having money slipping out from under our feet without knowing it.

Jeff Vander Berg | Vander Berg Furniture | Sioux Center, IA

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There are two impressive aspects of QFloors: 1) Customer Support; and 2) Ease of use. They approach things from the viewpoint that problems are not users' problems, it's the team's problem -- how can we collectively solve it. That's refreshing. And the ease of use is great. The learning curve is there, but it's short. The program is very logical, which is not always the case with computer programs.

Yes, QFloors is a great program, but the best part of the program is the support behind it!! I know firsthand that the other programs are not what they claim. QFloors is everything they claim and more.

Mike Morrison | Commercial Flooring Services | New Port Richey, FL

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One of the greatest strengths of QFloors is their support. They know the flooring industry and consequently can relate to our business easily. They stay current with technology and improve their product…I was very frustrated with the tech support on the industry software I was using before switching to QFloors. They were difficult to work with, and not a lot of response. I've never seen a company as good [as QFloors] in technical support.

David Clarine | Wholesale Flooring Resource Group | Lindon, UT

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QFloors saves money and watches out for mistakes. It tracks and helps you control inventory. It helps us track our repeat customers. My accountant loves the program. You can't afford NOT to have it.

Jana Karnes | Danny's House of Carpets | Stephenville, TX

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