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Software you can rely on.
Business reports you can bank on.
And a partner you can count on.

QFloors Enterprise is an ERP/business management software designed for the very largest flooring operations. Elevate efficiency through our robust capabilities, tailored services, and innovative customization options.

There's Strength in (Accurate) Numbers.

Trustworthy data, at your fingertips.

A new QFloors Enterprise customer was dumbfounded when he compared his QFloors-generated financial reports to the information he was getting from his old system (a competitor's flooring software). This was a large, sophisticated flooring business with an in-house CPA. They did an audit, and realized that their numbers had been off for years with the other system. He said:

The accuracy of QFloors' financial reports has been a huge benefit. We have a much better idea of what's going on now.

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QFloors Sales Screen

You can't steer a ship after the fact. Before QFloors, I always looked in the rearview mirror, trying to figure out what happened in my business months earlier. And that never happens anymore. I can adapt and make any necessary changes within 10–15 days after a month ends.

(Larry Flick, The Floor Store)

Quick & Painless Access to the Information You Need.

You can bet your bottom (line) dollar on it.

Better decision making occurs when you have easy access to a real-time, precise snapshot of your company. Getting the information and reports you need is quicker and more intuitive with QFloors. Fewer clicks and fewer screens mean a faster, smoother workflow for everyone. The software does the heavy lifting, generating data you can trust. And the user-friendly interface makes everything quick to find.

For example, QFloors offers the best drill down accounting available in the industry. This allows you to quickly see the source details of how numbers were produced on each financial statement.

QFloors Screenshot double-click for SRC docs

Trust Begins with Transparency.

No nickel & diming. No hidden fees.

Surprises are highly overrated. Especially financial ones. Partnering with QFloors means that you won't have to worry that every feature and every phone call is going to cost through the nose. Not only do we package everything together, but pricing is transparent and fair. Strong relationships are built upon trust, and we're committed to earning that trust in everything we do, say, and bill.

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We Pledge Our Allegiance.

Unmatched customer support.

There's a tangible difference with QFloors. You'll notice from the very start that we're passionate about doing all we can to support you and your staff… whether it's customized setup (including importing of information and onsite software conversion), tailored training options, made-to-order reports, or just our friendly and experienced support team's willingness to jump on a call, share your screen, and talk you through any questions you might have.

This is where we shine. You'll quickly understand why we are regularly told “QFloors is the best tech support I've ever experienced.”

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Enterprise Features

Expansive Customer Support

Customized white-glove setup (including importing of information) and tailored onsite training. Unlimited virtual training and support for an entire year for everyone in your company.

Fair, Upfront Pricing

No nickel and diming, and no surpises.

Drill-Down Accounting

Customer Invoicing

Accurate, Instant Job Costing

Expansive Financial Reporting

Commission, Contract Labor and Sales Tax Reporting

PO Management

B2B Product Management, B2B PO's, & B2B Vendor Invoicing


Management and Inventory Reporting

Best-in-Class Inventory Integration & Tracking

Work Orders

Vendor Invoicing

GL Functions

female professional teleconference

Let's talk.

Let's meet and have a conversation about your operation's current situation, goals, and pain points. From there, we can both determine what will be best when it comes to our technologies and services.

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