QFloors Enterprise

Largest floor covering companies

QFloors Enterprise is designed for the very largest companies. The Enterprise version includes all features from QFloors High Performance plus additional features customized specifically to match your company's needs. Larger companies need access to their data in many different ways. Our Enterprise version provides open access to all data, plus customizable reports. Also includes customized training options, specific to your company. QFloors Enterprise is designed for businesses that require more than 20 users and have an annual retail sales volume greater than $20M.

Enterprise Features

Customer Support

One year of unlimited training and support (online and telephone), free training courses as often and for as many employees as you wish (in Salt Lake City, travel expenses excluded), and free additional training materials.

Customer Invoicing

PO Management

Inventory Integration & Tracking

Work Orders

Job Costing

Commission, Contract Labor and Sales Tax Reporting

Management and Inventory Reporting

B2B Product Management, B2B PO's, &B2B Vendor Invoicing

Vendor Invoicing


GL Functions

Financial Reporting

QReporter Advanced

QSched Advanced

Floor Estimate Pro

Price & Maintenance Plan

QFloors High Performance - Cost by bid only

Maintenance Plan - Cost by bid only
Maintenance Fee (Optional)

The initial QFloors purchase includes the first year of maintenance services. The Maintenance Plan allows you to continue to receive the following services on an annual basis: Unlimited Software Training by telephone and remote connection software; QFloors Software Updates; Unlimited Attendance at Business & Technology Training Seminars; Continuing Development and Research.

System Requirements

To be determined

QFloors is a 32-bit software and does work in a 64-bit environment.

QPro $40*

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  • *As low as $40 per month!
    QFloors’ newest generation of browser-based cloud software
  • Designed for companies looking for a home improvement point-of-sale system. Intended to be used alongside a 3rd party accounting system like QuickBooks or PeachTree.
  • No accounting system
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Small Business$5,900

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  • Designed for medium-sized floor covering businesses that typically have an annual retail sales volume between $750K and $1.5M.
  • Integrated accounting system
  • Optional Maintenance Plan $115.00 per month
  • Database Type: SQLite
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High Performance$9,400*

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  • Designed for medium-to-large floor covering businesses (less than 25 users) and annual retail sales between $1.5M and $13M.
  • Integrated accounting system
  • Optional Maintenance Plan $185.00 per month
  • Database Type: SQL Anywhere
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  • Labor Scheduling software; replaces whiteboards and desktop calendars. Fully integrated w/QFloors.
  • Works with or without QFloors
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Document Manager$499

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  • Easy-to-use program allows you to organize any type or format of file by job or schedule. Accessing information is quick and painless.
  • Works in tandem with QFloors
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  • View all your business reports in a browser based dashboard. Making informed business decision is simple and intuitive.
    *per month/user
  • Works in tandem with QFloors
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New Software Tool for Multi-Family Housing

Are you involved in multi-family housing?

QOrders is QFloors’ newest business-building software tool, specifically created to help flooring dealers with multi-family housing clients.

Once you have set up QOrders, your multi-family housing customers are given access to a website. Your contacts at the management company,apartment complex, etc. can then go to this web form to share information with you about upcoming needs, dates, material, which units, and any other pertinent information. It also gives your client a history of past orders, and what has and has not been paid to this point.

Once your customer has input the information, it is automatically transferred to your QFloors system, and notifies you. Quick and convenient, it saves both you and your customer time, prevents dropped balls and “he said/she said” scenarios, helps you look professional, and fosters loyalty between you and your client.

Pricing: $50 per month. For more than 500 orders a month, there will be a 10 cent charge per additional order.

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The benefit of cloud computing is it takes the worry and risk out of your technology maintenance. You don’t have to stress about computers going down, servers failing, or loss of your data through theft, natural disaster, or human error. Because your software and data exist in the “cloud” (rather than on a specific piece of computer equipment), you can access it anytime, anywhere -- through your office desktop computers, home computer, laptop, iPad, tablet, smartphone, etc. You just have to have internet connection. Data is automatically backed up for you and stored securely. There’s less maintenance and it provides the flexibility to grow with your company without having to invest in additional computer hardware.

Best of all, this service is reasonably priced. Monthly charges start as low as $120.

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Run your business on the run! With the products of QFloors Mobile Suite™, you can take care of everything from start to finish (initial measure to payment processing) without leaving your customer’s home.

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QFloors sells and supports MeasureSquareTM flooring estimation software. Using MeasureSquareTM not only provides you with the best and most mobile-friendly floor takeoff estimators in the industry (including a commercial flooring estimator second to none), but you also benefit from its seamless integration with QFloors products, and the advantage of getting all of your customer support through QFloors' highly rated team.

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QFloors has secured a relationship with Heartland Payment Systems. Heartland is a company that meets all of the criteria described in the Credit Card Processing 101 blog post. They use Interchange Plus pricing with simple easy to read detailed statements. They are a “Direct” Processor with no middle men or ISO's. You can get your funds next day on payments batched before 5:00pm EST or in 2 days if batched before 12:00am EST. They are rated very high on customer service. QFloors software is now directly connected to Hartland. So when you run a credit card from QFloors it will automatically be posted inside of QFloors. No other software is required. Best part is if there is a problem you are dealing with QFloors support and not another third party company.

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