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Financial & Software Training Services

At QFloors, our highest priority is to ensure your flooring business has the resources it needs to be profitable and successful. Whether you need help with on-site training, implementation, accounting services, or GL conversion, our experts are ready to assist you every step of the way. If you'd like to make an appointment for any of these services, please contact us.

Team receiving on-site training

On-Site Training

Hit the ground running with a 4-day training and system conversion at your location.

Premium implementation user

(NEW) Premium Implementation

Expedite the implementation process by having a Customer Success Manager (CSM) help with your setups.

Team at conference table

Classroom Training

Attend 1-2 day trainings with other QFloors users in a clasroom-style environment.

Team receiving on-site training virtually

Virtual On-Site Training

Connect remotely with a QFloors trainer for customized half-day and full-day sessions.

Accountant working with documents

Accounting Services

Obtain expert help for a variety of accounting issues.

QFloors professional happy to help

Account Balance Beginning Entry

Get help bringing your balances over from your old system.


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On-Site Training - Starting at $7,100.00*

4-day Training and System Conversion at Your Location

Worried about the transition over to using QFloors? On-site training is an ideal way to minimize downtime and help your staff quickly come up to speed.

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  • We travel to your location, and in just 4 days, we train your entire staff and help convert your business from your previous system to QFloors.
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  • We also bring your account balances over from your old system.
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  • Our clients tell us this is an optimal way to hit the ground running.
CONTACT US TO LEARN MORE * Typical price for 1 trainer for 4-days. Cost is affected by the number of trainers, the number of days, and if any additional custom services are required. Talk with a sales representative for details and pricing for your specific needs.
Man refers to computer screen with team

(NEW) Premium Implementation - $3,999**

Don't Have a Lot of Time? Let Us Complete Your Setups for You

(For QCloud Clients Only)

Implementation can seem daunting - especially when you know your time is limited. With the Premium Implementation package, we'll facilitate and assist you with your setups so you can get up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Save time and ensure accuracy as we help set up your:

  • Price List (B2B & Non-B2B Catalogs)
  • Sales Tax
  • Labor Types
  • Inventory
  • And More!

Here's how it works:

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  • You'll be assigned a Client Success Manager (CSM) who will guide you through the completion of your basic general setups. They will frequently meet with you, ensuring your implementation is as seamless and streamlined as possible.
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  • You will simply supply the requested information, and your CSM will import the information provided directly into your QFloors software for you.* This makes the more time-consuming setups a breeze!
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  • Your Premium Implementation also includes a complementary GL Conversion as well as one quarterly review with our accounting services.**
CONTACT US TO LEARN MORE *Information needs to be in a CSV/text format. No PDFs/images. **You have the option to add 3 more quarterly reviews for an additional price. Please contact us for more information.
Team at a conference table for training

Classroom Training - Price Varies

Class is in Session! Sharpen Your QFloors Skills and Knowledge

2-Day Basic Trainings (Free)*

Need help getting started with QFloors? Learn the basics of setting up your QFloors system, as well as how to use it in your daily operations. These trainings are held close to our headquarters in the Salt Lake City, UT area. Get ready for in-depth training instruction, Q&A sessions, hands-on practice, and more!** (Don't forget to bring your laptop.)

*Travel expenses (flight, hotel, transportation, etc.) not included.

**Doesn't cover commercial procedures or QPro Lite.

1-Day Intermediate Trainings ($175 Per Person)

If you're already using QFloors on a basic level, our intermediate trainings are for you. Take a deeper dive into the software, and discover more features and practices that will benefit your business. These training sessions only last a day, and are held a few times per year in different regional locations throughout the US.

Users Conference (Price Varies Depending on Location)

Every other year, we host a Users Conference at a resort or popular destination. Step away from the office for focused training on bettering your business and expanding your understanding of all that QFloors can do.

Take part in classes that are centered around advanced features and popular topics. Network and share ideas with other QFloors users, and hear how they handle various business tasks and challenges. Participate in roundtable discussions, where you can share your "Feature Wish List" and weigh in on future QFloors priorities and development.

Trust us, it's a conference you'll never forget!

Team gathered around computer screens for training

Virtual On-Site Training - $500.00 - $1,000.00

The Next Best Thing to Being There. Customized, Virtual QFloors Training Webinars

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  • With a Virtual On-Site Training, one of our top-notch trainers will set up a webinar with your store and conduct the training from our location here in Utah.
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  • The webinar can be joined by up to 25 employees and they can exit and re-enter the webinar as needed.
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  • We can connect and show the screen of any computer connected to the webinar, allowing us to teach from your data and use examples from the viewpoint of any employee connected to the training. We can also record the complete webinar, providing a video to you for future reference.

$1,000/day (8 hours) | $500/half day (4 hours)

The Virtual On-Site Trainings can be broken up into half-day sessions if desired. One half-day session is 4 hours. Anything over the 4 hours will be charged for a full day.

The full day training will include periodic breaks, as well as an hour lunch break.

Accountant at computer with notebook

Accounting Services - Starting at $200.00/hr*

Get Help with Year-End Financial Statement Preparation, Quarterly Reviews, Year-End Tasks, and More

Need accounting assistance? Request assistance from QFloors’ management-level accounting experts.

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  • Prior to the work being initiated, and after you have fully explained your needs to the QFloors accounting specialist, you will be given an estimate of the time/cost required.
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  • Because we know exactly where to find all pertinent reports and numbers in your QFloors system, typically these tasks can be performed in much less time by us than by an outside CPA firm.
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  • These services are above and beyond the general software support already provided to all new and current QFloors users.
CONTACT US TO LEARN MORE *If journal entries need to be done for multiple locations, price is affected.
Friendly representative with headset works with customer over the phone

Account Balance Beginning Entry (GL Conversion) $300.00 - $600.00*

Get Assistance with Entering Account Balances from Your Previous System

QFloors can help you bring your balances over from your old system, whether you were using QuickBooks, industry-specific software, other generic software, or paper and pencil.

The cost of a single database, one location, ranges from $300-$600* (depending on need).


*If journal entries need to be done for multiple locations, price is affected.

We Are Here to Help

Your success is so important to us. No matter how long you've been using QFloors, we want to ensure you utilize and maximize the software so you can fully meet your business needs and goals.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our Customer Support team. Also, remember you can access training videos, updates, release notes, and other helpful resources on the support site.

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