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“What Should I Expect When Transitioning to QFloors?”

Implementing a new flooring software system for your business is not an instant “flip-a-switch” kind of transition. It will require time, discipline, patience, and commitment on your end. Although our floor covering software IS the most user-friendly solution out there (just ask our customers), there is still a learning curve. However, as you begin to implement the software and use it in the recommended way, you'll see that it's going to greatly benefit your business, saving you time and boosting your profits in the long run.

When You Purchase QFloors, You Get
to Quickly Get You Up to Speed

  • One year of FREE and UNLIMITED personal training and support (online or/and telephone), as often and for as many individuals as needed
  • FREE 2-day training courses as often and for as many employees as you wish, in Salt Lake City, travel expenses excluded
  • FREE access to more than 90 training and webinar videos
  • FREE access to 130+ knowledge base articles

*After you hit your year-mark, you can participate in our annual maintenance fee program which guarantees unlimited technical support and training. Your support through our maintenance program keeps QFloors going, and allows us to continue to enhance and support the technology you use.

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Did you know that this type of training and support typically costs a midsize business an ADDITIONAL $2K-10K annually for each user? Lucky for you, with QFloors you can have this all for FREE OF CHARGE, so you can quickly get up to speed.

What Does QFloors' Implementation Process Look Like?

(If you select our 4-Day Onsite Conversion and Training option and/or our Premium Implementation package, this process is sped up significantly.)

We'll sit down and set a realistic “go live” date for your operation. Although we understand that businesses have different needs and implementation journeys, it is realistic for an operation who keeps their appointments and goals to have their operation online in as little as 4-6 weeks.

Below we've outlined the timeline of what a typical implementation process can look like when utilizing our free training and support:

Integration Graphic

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Before you purchase, consider how many users you'll need, when you'll take time to implement the software, and whether you need additional add-on products and services.

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Most companies set a “Go Live Date” 4-6 weeks out. But we'll help you create a plan of action, based on your company's needs, environment, and schedule.

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You'll have a checklist of basic setup directions. Should you need assistance, we can help walk you through it, or there are reference videos. Steps include setting up company information, locations, profit centers, sales tax, employees/subs, etc.

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Setting up your product catalog will take about 5-8 hours. Do it all in one day, or spend one hr/day for a week working on it. You can also schedule a one-hour product catalog training for additional help if desired, at no cost.

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Personalized Basic Training appointments (via phone/online screenshare) for you and your team are available, and are included with your purchase. Or, if needed, we can schedule multiple one-hour appointments over a few weeks to accommodate everyone on your staff.

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This should be started no more than 4 days prior to going live. You'll enter your existing inventory, your payables, and your previous systems' receivables.

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Start using the software on a day-to-day basis. (Don't forget you can always call our support department if you have a question on how to do something.)

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Enter your accounting balances using our “End of Period Procedures” checklist. Our support staff is also happy to assist you with this process.

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on-site staff training

Hit the Ground Running with 4-Day On-site Training

Hands down, the fastest and most efficient way to transition to QFloors is through our on-site training and conversion option. It's a great way to minimize downtime and help your entire team quickly come up to speed. We travel to your location, and typically, in just 4 days (yes - you heard that right!) we train your entire staff and convert your business from what you were using to QFloors. Customers tell us this is an optimal way to hit the ground running. It's been proven to be extremely effective, and is surprisingly affordable. Contact us for details and pricing.

virtual staff training

And/Or, Let Us Help You Get Set Up with Premium Implementation*.

Worried about completing your setups in an accurate and timely manner? With Premium Implementation, you'll be assigned a Client Succes Manager (CSM) who will be dedicated to assisting you with your setups. They'll meet with you frequently, and ask you to send over information** that they can import into QFloors for you. This makes setting up your price list, labor types, sales tax, inventory, etc. easier and more efficient. More information can be found here.

*For QCloud customers only **Information needs to be in a CSV/text format. No PDFs/images.
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Make the Switch Today (You'll Be Glad You Did!)

Don't put off transforming your business for the better. See what one customer said about her experience transitioning to QFloors:

“If you are in the flooring industry and considering switching software, DO IT! QFloors has been such a positive change for our company. Yes, the transition from one software to another takes some time and patience, but QFloors customer service is awesome! They will walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have, as many times as you ask them. They are a family owned small-business who really care about their company and their customers. Most importantly, the switch to QFloors has made our business more PROFITABLE. We are better able to track jobs from start to finish and much better at calculating job costs and profit margins. You will not regret your decision to switch!”

Jodi Mahoney | Premier Surface Group

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Let's Talk.

We often hear that our customer support is unlike any other technology company. When you call for help, the people answering the phone are not dime-a-dozen telephone operators. They are highly skilled professionals who bring combined expertise in business, accounting, technology, and the flooring industry in general. More importantly, to put it simply, they care. Lest you think we are exaggerating, just read a few of the over 50 five-star reviews we have on Google.

We want you to take advantage of every time-saving, cost-cutting and profit-building benefit that QFloors can bring. We're committed to doing all we can on our end to help each and every employee of yours understand how to use the system. So go ahead, put us on speed dial. We're happy to hold your hand every step of the way.

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