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Updating QR Codes and Websites (and Other Cool Things QConnect Can Do)

Chad Ogden

By Chad Ogden, CEO/President

March 2023

Over the past 3 months, I have been traveling to many different tradeshows and it’s been great to be able to see and associate with all of the many friends that we have in the industry, which includes many of you.

For the most part, I am hearing tons of great success stories on how QFloors has made a difference in your business. We have also taken many suggestions from you on how we can improve certain features. There are some common, prominent things that I’m hearing a lot of requests about, and I think customers often don’t realize that some of these capabilities are already available, and some are soon to be available, through QConnect.

As a bit of background, QFloors has been adding and improving features in a product that we call QConnect. In general, QConnect gives QFloors users the opportunity to share information from QFloors with technologies in the outside world. It also gives outside technologies the ability to share info with your QFloors system.

For a couple of years now, we have had technology partners that have been transferring leads into QFloors from their software (website companies, CRM lead software like RLM and Zoho, dealers’ custom website programs, etc.) and some of our customers have already been taking advantage of those options. Recently, we have expanded the information and ways we share. For example, QFloors can track these leads as they move through the sales process and report status changes back to our technology partners. QConnect can also send notifications to external software about leads or sales that originated in QFloors (for instance, a walk-in or referral). Your website company, CRM, or communication partner can use this information to send certain texts or emails to customers. For example, when an installation date is approaching, an automated text can be sent to the customer reminding them of their installation date and explaining to them how to best prepare for the installation. This can be triggered just from things happening within QFloors or QSched.

Another hot topic during my tradeshow travels has been putting QR codes on showroom samples, and having the price be automatically displayed on a website that is connected to the QR code. The purpose of this is to not have to retag showroom samples every time a price changes. QFloors is now supplying our partners, through QConnect, access to catalogs that update QR code websites and other public-facing websites (even your company website) with real time product information like retail price, and quantity in stock. This is all happening automatically without dealer intervention. It will be a huge time-saver for those who take advantage of the capability. Mobile Marketing is the first company to offer some of these more advanced features but we expect more companies to follow suit soon.

In the near future, QConnect will also facilitate automatic payment entry into QFloors from those payments generated via QPay’s “Pay Now” requests.

While some QFloors customers have already been using these features in pre-release versions of QFloors, our new official release, QFloors version 9.0, makes them available to all customers who use the QConnect add-on product, which is $600/year/company or free if you are using QPay credit card processing.

If you’d like to learn more about QConnect and how it can help you, reach out to our sales team (801-563-0140, option 4, or

Chad Ogden

About the Author

Chad Ogden - CEO/President

Chad graduated from The University of Utah with a BS in Computer Engineering. After rising to Director of Engineering/Software Development & nearly a decade of work experience including time with 3M & Novell, Chad took on the role of entrepreneur when he saw the need for business management software in the floor covering industry.