Special Offer with QPay

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Special Offer with QPay

We’re hearing great things about QPay from customers. QPay is an in-house payment processing product, where QFloors controls and supports everything, all the way down to the shipping and connection of the terminals to QFloors. QPay offers integrated payment features, plus a few new advanced enhancements (listed below).

And right now, we’re also including QReporter and a subscription to QConnect with every new QPay account.

Here are some of the benefits of QPay:

  • Plug-n-play terminal setup that does not require an IT expert to attach to our system. This saves time, hassle, and expense for IT services.
  • Ability to add a “Pay Now” button onto your company's website, or send an email request with a button in it, that will allow customers to pay online. Dealers can request payment from customers utilizing this “Pay Now” button, and then are automatically notified of any payments made.
  • Ability for customers to pay with eChecks. These payments get automatically posted to your system.
  • Surcharge options, for dealers who wish to utilize legal ways to pass credit card fees onto the customer using the card.
  • Upgraded security on keyed in cards.
  • You don't have to have a credit card present to do a return.
  • You can get a token for all major credit cards, including American Express.
  • All gateway and credit card processing support questions go through QFloors support.
  • QPay is a QFloors company product! That means we control the pricing, which should instill confidence for all customers.

QPay and QFloors customer Blake Merrell of Castle Floors says that incorporating QPay’s “Pay Now” online payment option for customers has resulted in quicker and higher close rates. “QPay has been a huge time saver for us, as far as collecting deposits and balances. We’re seeing a quicker and a higher close rate on sales, because the Pay Now feature makes it so convenient for our customers to pay. When it’s time to close a sale, we simply send them an email with the Pay Now link. It’s an easy and polite way to prompt them. And it’s easy for them to just click on the link and pay. They don’t have to arrange to come into the store; there’s no phone tag back and forth as they try to call in with their credit card. Because it’s so simple for everyone involved, it helps get us to that close more quickly.”

And Kimi Quinn from Kimi’s Carpets says “We absolutely love QPay! We are seeing benefits in several areas; it is saving us a vast amount of money. We’ve found that for some clients, it does not matter, they want to use their credit card and they will pay the surcharge. For those that want to save that percentage, we send them the echeck option. Using either option for us is a cost savings; the percentage on echecks is so much lower than credit cards. It makes our way of doing contracts, deposits and final payments easier.”

Kimi says she has seen very little resistance from customers about surcharges. “We are very transparent with our clients. We explain to them that their invoices are based off a check or cash payment, and if they choose to use a card, then they will be responsible for the credit card fee that gets added to the payment when it’s processed. We have found that if we put the choice back on our client, then it’s easier for them to choose. Echecks have actually made it easier and quicker (for the clients who don’t want to use a card) to make deposits from home. They feel safer and can do it after we close. So it’s beneficial to us and our clients. Anything that helps them and us is a great addition.”

And as a reminder, for a limited time, we’re also including QReporter and a free subscription of QConnect with every QPay Account established. For more information on QPay, please contact steve@qprosoftware.com or call 801-563-0140, option 4.