Time to Take Advantage of Having Time

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Time to Take Advantage of Having Time

As you look for ways to manage your time during this national pandemic, I wish to remind you that right now is an ideal time to work on cleaning up your software and learning more about QFloors features you may not be familiar with. We often feel like we’re so busy that there’s never enough time to work on things that will help improve ourselves and our business. While we face these challenging times, why not take advantage now to hone your skills and master your QFloors software, ultimately making your business and days more efficient and profitable.

One thing you can do (if you are not already doing it) is to make sure that End of Period SHORT Procedures are part of your monthly bookkeeping. You can find our End of Period Procedures document (you must be logged in before clicking this link) on the QFloors website. If you’ve recently done your regular End of Period Procedures at year’s end, you can use our new SHORT procedures throughout the year to find and fix small problems. If you are new to QFloors or have never done the procedures before, then we suggest following the regular End of Period Procedures. Please keep in mind that you can always call us with questions or to set up training appointments for assistance.

We not only want to make sure you are doing all the basics, but that you are also taking the time to evaluate your day-to-day internal processes, to ensure accurate financials are being kept.

Things you can also do during this time:

  • Product Catalog Cleanup
    • Note: Did you know QFloors President Chad Ogden will be hosting a free webinar, Thursday, April 24 at 2pm MT on this? He’ll step you through this process and give helpful tips, including how to use B2B technologies and CSV imports to help make things easier.
  • Make sure all B2B is up to date, and check for new vendors that may have been added.
  • Make sure your software is up to date with the new and latest version of QFloors.
  • Evaluate your QReporter reports -- Are you getting all you can out of this tool? Do you have a logo entered? Do you need a custom report? What do you want your proposals and invoices to look like? If you do not have QReporter, contact your sales rep for more information. It’s a great tool.
  • Have you set up an automated backup system for your software, as recommended?
  • Do you need commercial project training?
  • Go through your setups… is there anything you might like to change, update, add?
  • Is there anything that you or your staff might need additional training on?

We are always here to help. help. Just as a reminder, current QFloors customers can schedule free, customized one-hour training appointments. This is a huge value, and sometimes customers forget it is available. With our call volume a little lower than normal right now, and several appointment slots available, reach out now to secure a time where we can help you achieve the success you are looking for. Call 801-563-0140, option 2.