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The Many Ways QConnect Can Help You

Chad Ogden

By Chad Ogden, CEO/President

April 2024

I wanted to take a moment to talk about QConnect. This is something that most of our customers don’t appear to completely understand. One big reason for the confusion is that QConnect isn’t something you can see on the screen. Instead, it is working behind the scenes, often without you even knowing about it.

But QConnect has some really beneficial capabilities. Here are some of the things that QConnect can do for your company:

  1. Download Leads. QConnect can download leads into QFloors from external sources, such as websites from Mobile Marketing, Roomvo, Mobile Marketing, SamplesApp, Zoho, or other lead capturing programs you might have.
  2. Download Payments. QConnect can download payments from QPay, and apply them directly to QFloors sales orders.
  3. Communicate with Installers. You might have heard about a great new product we’re in the process of rolling out, called Installer View. It allows your installers to easily access their schedules and the corresponding details, right from their phones (or any other device with internet). Installer View connects with QFloors via QConnect. We’ve been testing this product for the past several months and are now starting to roll it out to all interested customers.
  4. Share Information with Repeat Customer Accounts. We’re excited to announce a brand new product called Account View, which will be released in the near future. This product allows you to assign a username and password to your biggest repeat customer accounts. They then can log in and see a history of sales orders and payments. Again, the information is shared via QConnect. Keep an eye out for this exciting new product, coming soon!
  5. Share Information via QR Codes. Another cool new product, coming in the near future, is our QR Code Updater. QR codes are generating a lot of interest right now, and QConnect will allow you to update QR code product information and pricing, through QFloors. This should be a big time saver when tagging your showrooms.

All of these features and products work through QConnect, which basically connects QFloors to outside software solutions, and vice versa.

This will continue to be a pretty big deal throughout the rest of the year, as we release more and more capabilities with QConnect. It should be noted that QConnect is free for every QPay credit card customer, or it is $100/month for everyone else.

Hopefully this has clarified a bit more about QConnect. I’m just trying to bring a bit more awareness and understanding to our customers, who may be unsure why we are focusing on QConnect and what it entails.

Feel free to call 801-563-0140, option 4 to learn more about these different products. And keep watching for updates throughout the year.

Chad Ogden

About the Author

Chad Ogden - CEO/President

Chad graduated from The University of Utah with a BS in Computer Engineering. After rising to Director of Engineering/Software Development & nearly a decade of work experience including time with 3M & Novell, Chad took on the role of entrepreneur when he saw the need for business management software in the floor covering industry.