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Getting the Most from QFloors’ Support Resources

Kristy Hayek

By Kristy Soto, Director of Customer Support

July 2019

How often do you take advantage of your QFloors support resources? Here at QFloors, our goal is to act as a silent but integral partner in your business, by offering the industry’s leading support team, by helping you run your business effectively and efficiently, and by being there whenever you need us.

We offer several different ways to get you the help you need. Are you aware of all the resources available to you?

Perhaps once in a while, you may have asked yourself, “Why am I paying this maintenance fee?” While your maintenance plan contributes to a lot of different benefits and capabilities, one obvious advantage is FREE and Unlimited Technical Support and Training.

  1. Call into Support - You may call in for support at any time between the hours of 8 am to 5 pm MST.  These calls are answered by one of our support team staff members. They listen to understand your needs, then transfer you to the proper department to get you the appropriate help.

  2. One Hour Training - You may call in and request one hour of uninterrupted training time with one of our experienced trainers. This allows for one-on-one time with new employees, bookkeepers, etc., allowing them to get the training help they need in order to be effective and efficient QFloors users.

  3. QFloors Website - Our website offers several training tools, with Training Videos, App Notes, and Knowledge Base Articles. These provide you with detailed guided assistance. When you log into the support website, you will find all these options at your fingertips. You can even search for keywords, to quickly find what you are looking for. Useful topics we strongly suggest reviewing would be End of Period procedures, Monthly Bookkeeping procedures, and Inventory Balancing. You might also find the instructions helpful for Creating Remnants from Job Leftovers, Managing Credit Card Accounts, and Customer Refunds.

  4. B2B Information - You may have noticed that we’ve been working hard on fcB2B, by providing up-to-date information within the B2B page of the QFloors website, and by certifying more vendors. By clicking on each vendor listed on the chart, you can find contact information, B2B request information, and any current known issues happening with the vendor.

  5. 4- to 8-Hour Virtual Training - For a reasonable fee, you can request a virtual training, where one of our advanced trainers will remotely, via screen sharing technology, spend 4 to 8 hours completely dedicated to training you and your staff on whatever you need. You can learn more by visiting the Virtual Training article or contacting one of our sales team members at 801-563-0140, ext. 501.

  6. On-Site Training - You can opt to have a member of our On-Site Training staff come to your location (for an added fee). They will arrive at your door on Tuesday morning, spending the week to get you and your staff up and running, and going live by the end of the week in most cases. If you have an interest in taking advantage of an on-site training, please contact one of our Sales team members at 801-563-0140, ext. 501.

Maximize your ROI and take full advantage of all the resources provided to you as a QFloors customer. And don’t forget to stay updated on the most recent version of the software. To check for the latest QFloors updates, you can always find out what is new under our Release Notes tab (after you’ve logged into the customer support page), and then decide if you want to run the update. Not all the updates are for everybody, but if there is a new feature or bug fix it’s always a good idea to make sure you are on the latest version.  If you might require some assistance with this, please give our support team a call and we would be happy to help walk you through how this is done.

Also, check out and download updated QReporter reports from our QReporter Library. You can browse through many different QReporter reports to find enhancements you may have not even known were available, which may greatly benefit your business. We’ve also updated our standard reports to have extended comments.

We are here to be your partner, streamlining your day-to-day operations and ultimately helping you become an industry leader in your city or region. You are part of the QFloors family. We wish to help you be successful in all you do. For any assistance, please call QFloors Support at 801-563-0140, Option 2.

Kristy Soto

About the Author

Kristy Soto - Director of Customer Support

With her powerful mix of customer service experience, accounting knowledge, patience, and problem-solving skills, Kristy plays an invaluable role in the support department. Whether training customers or other QFloors team members, she has the unique ability to clearly and thoroughly explain complicated software and accounting procedures. Kristy has a degree in Business Management and Accounting. Her kind, calm, and patient nature is greatly appreciated by customers and coworkers alike.