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QPro and QFloors Development Update

Chad Ogden

By Chad Ogden, CEO/President

October 2018

I wanted to provide a quick update on QPro and QFloors development so that our customers have an idea of where things currently stand.


Throughout this year we’ve had a handful of stores testing and using QPro, as we have been finishing the development. We have made steady progress throughout the year, adding features such as job costing, kits, and more.

Right now we have about 15 companies actively using and testing QPro POS+. This is the version without backend accounting features. QPro POS+ currently has three active screens -- Sales Order, Materials, and the Employees screen -- along with B2B functions. We are taking orders and selling POS+ now, but we’ve deliberately held back on mass rollout, as we finish some final testing on Version 1.1.

You will probably see new QPro POS+ marketing during the tradeshow season as we intend to start to promote the product, particularly to smaller dealers who are just using generic accounting software to run their business.

Current QFloors Basic users (not using QFloors accounting features) are scheduled to start to convert over to QPro sometime after the first of the year. We are still building the software to do the automatic conversion of QFloors data into QPro data. We will be converting Basic customers one at a time, so if you fit into that category, we will reach out to you within the next several months to see if you are interested in switching over to QPro.


We’ve also been working on several new additions to QFloors. For instance, you may have heard about our cool new QView product for owners. Trent Ogden described it accurately as “QReporter on Steroids”.

In addition, an auto inventory assignment feature is in the works. We’ve also added many new commercial product features, and we are finishing up a few final offerings with that. We have created several integrations with other 3rd party products.

We’ve also made a lot of upgrades to our B2B tools and definitions, including a Check Status feature currently in the works. At a recent industry B2B conference, I was told that the entire industry looks to QFloors as one of the main B2B players, leading out on technology. Why does this matter? Because it means that QFloors customers have the best products, the best features, and a lot more options on which suppliers they connect with electronically than anyone else in the industry. See Antonio's B2B article about the many good things happening with B2B and how you can help us build an even wider reach of partnerships with your suppliers.

Users Conference

Finally, just as an FYI, we are planning a Users Conference in October/November 2019. This will be a land-based conference, in the beautiful area near Zion National Park. Look for more information on this, coming in December.

Chad Ogden

About the Author

Chad Ogden - CEO/President

Chad graduated from The University of Utah with a BS in Computer Engineering. After rising to Director of Engineering/Software Development & nearly a decade of work experience including time with 3M & Novell, Chad took on the role of entrepreneur when he saw the need for business management software in the floorcovering industry.