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New Integrations & Partnerships Bring Added Benefits

Dallin Hulet

By Dallin Hulet, Digital Marketing Manager

October 2018

The QFloors team has been working hard to provide some new integrations for QFloors users. Each integration with a third-party software provider has been carefully selected because we felt it might be helpful to you and your business.

These integrations are available now! More integrations will be released in the near future. You can find the new integrations as they are made available on the QFloors Partners page. These integrations include payroll services, measure & estimation, CRM, and customer review software. To view all current QFloors integrations, please visit the QFloors Partners page.

Patriot Payroll Integration

Many of our customers have asked for recommendations on payroll options. We are now releasing a payroll integration that allows you to import all your payroll information into QFloors at the click of a button. Patriot is the first payroll service that we have partnered with, but in the near future, we plan to have additional payroll integration features available for you to choose from.

Patriot is a good basic payroll software that is inexpensive and easy to use. However, Patriot may not be the right solution for larger companies that have multiple locations, multiple profit centers, or complex payroll needs. But if you’re using the QFloors manual payroll system, this is a very good option.

We have negotiated with Patriot to give QFloors customers a 10% discount for the payroll software for 24 months. A provider like this will generally save QFloors customers quite a bit of money, especially if you are paying an external accountant to do your payroll. You can visit the Patriot website now to get pricing, start your Free 30 Day Trial or to Request a Demo. Please note that in order to receive the 10% QFloors discount, you must sign up through the promo code: R124962. If you are already using Patriot and did not sign up through QFloors, you need to contact Irene at our office to arrange to get the discount. Irene’s contact info is and extension 112.

Patriot was selected as the first QFloors third-party payroll integration, and is a practical and affordable option for many QFloors customers. Stay tuned for additional integrations in the future!

Measure Square

If you aren’t already aware of everything MeasureSquare estimating software can do, prepare to be impressed. MeasureSquare allows you to use a Bluetooth-enabled Disto to measure the flooring area and instantly map it. With the customer at your side, you can easily demonstrate the quantity and overall price difference of various types of flooring by simply dragging and dropping a different flooring style into place. MeasureSquare instantly estimates product quantities, directions and seam layouts with waste. This information imports directly to QFloors and automatically populates the sales order with applicable information. MeasureSquare also attaches the diagram automatically to Document Manager. MeasureSquare is a user-friendly experience that improves your close rates, credibility, professionalism and efficiency, all while increasing customer confidence.

And when you purchase MeasureSquare from QFloors, you will be able to reach out to the same top-notch team you know and love at QFloors for help, support and training. Visit the MeasureSquare page to request a demo.

Retail Lead Management (RLM)

Retail Lead Management is an additional resource for tracking leads. Retail Lead Management software allows you to filter customers by their stage in the cycle, location, division, and referral source. RLM allows you to easily import that customer’s name, address, phone and email directly into QFloors and then continue with them as a customer. QFloors already provides some lead tracking and CRM features, but this is a good option if you need enhanced CRM capabilities.


Online reviews are becoming increasingly vital to flooring stores. Many potential customers look to online ratings before they decide to walk into your showroom. QFloors' integration with Podium is a way to instantly increase your number of online ratings. After you have completed a job, Podium automatically texts your customer a review link. The customer can quickly fill out the review, right then and there, and it is immediately posted to a review site of your choosing. Podium makes online reviews simple for you and the customer. Most Podium customers have seen a significant increase in their online reviews, without any extra hassle on their part. In addition, the app allows for easy communication with other entities of your business. For instance, one customer has found that Podium provides an easy way to communicate with installers. For more information visit the Podium partner webpage.

More to Come

In addition to Podium, and the other integrations listed above, more integrations will be released in the near future. We are always open to your recommendations and suggestions for future integrations and partnerships. Contact us at with any specific recommendations.

Dallin Hulet

About the Author

Dallin Hulet - Digital Marketing Manager

Dallin recently graduated from Brigham Young University with a BS in Business Management, and an emphasis in Marketing. Dallin is originally from Texas and is excited to be involved with a company that is making a difference and taking the industry by storm. He brings digital marketing savvy and a strong, results–oriented marketing focus to the QFloors team.