New Web Based ERP Technology Unveiled

New Web Based ERP Technology Unveiled

By Chad Ogden

Floor Covering Business to Business, fcB2B, technologies has been gaining popularity and adoption by flooring dealers over the last several years. QFloors has been a leader in the flooring industry with new B2B tools that allow flooring retailers to instantly check a supplier’s inventory. Less than two years after winning Best of Surfaces Technology Award for their contribution to B2B tools QFloors CEO, Chad Ogden, talks with Dave Foster on TalkFloor TV about exciting and innovative technology developments happening at QFloors with their new web based application that takes the QFloors product known and loved by customers to the browser.

What does this mean for current QFloors customers, new customers, and the floor covering industry? Watch this 3 part series to find out how you can compete with big box stores and bring your customer experience to a new level of awesome.

The 3 part series will be updated throughout the next few days.

Part 1 of 3: Features a discussion regarding fcB2B and the reveal of the new QFloors web application. It will be the first web based enterprise resource planning software for the flooring industry.

Part 2 of 3: Discussion about where the industry is in fcB2B adoption, and the concerted efforts to boost the number of flooring professionals utilizing these tools. In the past, the benefits of fcB2B were not immediately glaring, but were powerfully felt behind the scenes in the back office. Now, with web services, the customer and sales team are the ones who see the benefits, and they are much more visible. Ogden discusses how he has committed to do all he can to help his own flooring software customers adapt and adopt these time and money saving fcB2B tools. He believes it is what will keep them competitive with the box stores.

Part 3 of 3: Dave and Chad examine the significant financial difference that using fcB2B makes for mid-to-large dealers. One to two employees (and thus salaries) are typically saved in efficiencies. The financial benefits of using flooring-specific software like QFloors are also discussed. Chad estimates that only about 50% of those who SHOULD be using industry-specific software are using it. Not using floor covering ERP software prevents business owners from growing their stores and maximizing their profits. If they simply knew how much better things could be, they would immediately jump on board. However, Millenials get it and are beginning to influence store owners regarding the significant benefits of automation and technology. Ogden stressed that dealers must deliver a better customer experience than what happens at a box store, and QFloors helps them do that. Ogden also briefly reviews the benefits of the new QFloors 7.

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