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Testimonial | Everything is Easier with QFloors

January 2013

Last year, Mark Carr, owner of Color Interiors, faced what some might consider an enviable problem. After experiencing tremendous growth over the past 2-3 years, it was clear that their large floor-covering business needed something more efficient than the paper system they’d been using. With three locations based in the North Houston area, Color Interiors is a Shaw Design Center and SFA member.

Mark Carr recognized flooring-specific software was needed to effectively manage his booming business. After careful research, he settled on QFloors™. Known for its user-friendly design, QFloors efficiently handles inventory, sales, accounting, payroll, taxes, reports, and job costing. It also features bar-coding, remnant and roll-tag printing, and the ability to set up retail pricing formulas.

Even after Carr recognized QFloors would do what he wanted it to do, there were still some initial concerns. To begin with, there was the cost of computerizing three different locations. But today, only 8 months after purchase, he couldn’t be happier about the decision.

“As with any purchase,” says Mark, “price is the toughest thing to bite off. QFloors has really helped us. Inventory control is manageable. Our gross profit percentage has increased. We can pull up the job costing screen and adjust bids or prices accordingly. So we know all of the percentages beforehand. That’s made a big difference. Our sales force has increased their profit margins as a result.”

Another concern of Mark’s prior to computerizing was the vast number of products and prices to keep up with.

In our industry, there are so many products, so many SKUs, and constant price changes. B2B is really the only way you can possibly keep up.

QFloors electronically downloads all manufacturer pricing catalogs and automatically puts those prices into the system. This results in a huge time savings.

Price lists are only one of the B2B features that QFloors provides. Electronic ordering and vendor bill downloads are also standard with any QFloors purchase. And unlike other software companies, QFloors does not charge extra for B2B capability . Many business owners are often concerned about the downtime required to switch over to QFloors. Mark Carr says that shouldn’t be a deterrent.

“Prior to QFloors coming on-site, they helped us get everything ready and under control. So there wasn’t a lot of tedious down time.”

Trent Ogden, QFloors CFO, says that one of the keys to Color Interiors’ quick ramp up was management’s commitment to the process.

They have a large organization, with a lot of employees. And so of course with that there will always be some resistance to change. It’s natural. But Mark, his bookkeeper, and management team demonstrated leadership and commitment. They said, ‘This is how we’re going to do things now, so you need to learn it.’ And as a result, everyone got on board.” Trent Ogden adds, “Owner commitment and follow-through is absolutely vital to a successful transition. Mark was great that way.

Carr gives a lot of credit to the QFloors technical support team.

Tech support was excellent in getting us started. In fact, they continue to be awesome. We feel like we can call them anytime.

Business continues to grow for Color Interiors. But QFloors has helped make things manageable. Carr states,

It’s hard to explain, but QFloors has just brought us complete organization with everything. Everything is so straightforward now, particularly bookkeeping. And we save a lot of time. We can quickly pull up jobs, inventory, prices… Everything is just so much easier.