What’s New with fcB2B

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What’s New with fcB2B

On our new Support website we have a list of vendors who are currently B2B certified with QFloors. We have two links, one going to the certification table of vendors, and one going to a chart which has each vendor company listed with an associated individual link. Clicking on each company’s logo can provide additional information on what they currently offer, any known issues, and how to communicate with them.

See the full fcB2B list.

Web Services is another part of a B2B communication. This service is a quick way of checking stock inventory and related items with vendors in real-time, (i.e. before placing orders to check available products). Web Services is a growing part of the flooring industry, and QFloors is on the cutting edge of it all. This technology allows for stores to quickly validate product items while completing a sale.

On our fcB2B list of certified vendors you will see those that are currently using Web Services along with the options they offer: (Stock Check w/Quant(SCQ), Stock Check(SC), Related Items(RI), Order, Status(OS), Price Check(PC)).

Web Services within QFloors is a free service to all current customers. I urge you to get on board, for your own benefit. We have videos, documentation and human resources to help you start now. You could be doing more in less time, lowering stress and raising profits.