I Just Started Using QFloors... What Do I Do Next?

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I Just Started Using QFloors... What Do I Do Next?

We’re excited that you’re using QFloors in your company! Some of you had on-site training, while others utilized videos and online resources for training to get up and running with the software. But now what? Is that all you need to do? There are actually a handful of things you need to do next, all of them leading to having accurate financial statements.

Close the General Journal

When you started with QFloors, you would have selected a cutoff date. If you aren’t already closing the general journal monthly, you should at least close the journal as of your cutoff date. Doing this will help protect your system from accidentally saving a transaction with a date on or before that date.

Review and Clean Up the "InProcess All" List

One of the selections in the “Reports” search field of the Sales screen is “InProcess All”. Select that, and “All Dates” and “All Locations”, etc, then sort on the “Date” column so the oldest sales orders are at the top of the list. Then go through each sales order, one line item at a time, and make sure that everything is job costed that should be, making sure the “Next Install Date” is correct relative to the line items that you’re job costing. Doing this might mean you need to assign materials, which might mean you need to do some “Sales Confirmation” and other procedures in the Materials screen.

Review and Clean Up Materials

Next, work on cleaning up the “Sales Confirmation”, “Purchase Orders”, and “On Order” lists in the Materials screen. Then work on the No Bill list.

Pre-GL Conversion Procedures

You’re now ready to do some final audits, cleanup, and reconciliations. Instructions for these are in our Pre-GL Conversion Procedures. By “GL conversion”, we mean bringing your balances over from your old system, whether you were using QuickBooks, industry specific software, other generic software, or paper and pencil. Bringing over those balances is critical! You can’t give correct financials to your accountant so they can prepare your income tax return unless those balances are brought over. These "Pre-GL Conversion" procedures will take you through the final steps of making sure your QFloors system is ready for that.

Account Balance Entry (From Previous System)

After you’ve completed the "Pre-GL Conversion" procedures, you’re ready to enter into QFloors the ending accounting balances from your previous system. This is quite accounting-intensive, so if you don’t have a working knowledge of accounting debits and credits, you’ll need to have your accountant do this for you, or we can do it for you (see our Account Balance Entry page). Send us an email if you want to discuss it with one of our in-house accountants.

If the procedures I’ve listed here seem daunting, remember that you can schedule one-hour dedicated trainings with us, or you can email us. We’re here to help.