Exciting Times for QFloors Development

qpro responsive devices

A message from Tony Fabrizio, Director, Software Development

These are some very exciting times for the QFloors Development Team. In the past year we have more than doubled our number of developers. We’re eager to start showing off some of the things that we have been working so hard on for the last few years.

As many of you might have noticed, our emails have changed from @qfloors.com to @qprosoftware.com. Something that you may not know about yet is that in addition to our current QFloors website (www.qfloors.com), we have launched a new website for QPro Software (www.qprosoftware.com). I would highly encourage you to learn more by visiting the site, especially the article “Why Our Cloud Reigns”.

We are very excited about the future of QFloors and how it is going to help you grow your business.

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