What’s New with B2B?

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What’s New with B2B?

Is B2B functionality an efficient way of communication between vendors/suppliers and retailers? This is a question we are sometimes asked.

The B2B/EDI x12 document process has been around for over 20 years. We at QFloors feel that the features and functionality of this technology really do represent the most efficient way of EDI document transfers. It allows for real-time communication. It saves a huge amount of time. And it’s a great benefit to vendors, suppliers, and retailers.

QFloors continues to grow our list of certified vendors/manufacturers: QFloors B2B Certified Vendors. We receive a lot of feedback from customers who are wanting to use this technology with as many of their suppliers as possible. We’re continually adding to this list.

We are in the midst of certification with four new suppliers for some or all of the EDI x12 documents.

We are also currently working with Virginia Tile in becoming certified with QFloors and using Web Services. Just as a reminder, web services is a way to check stock and related items with vendors in real time.

Utilizing QFloors’ B2B features can help save time, lower stress, and boost profits. Let us know if we can answer any questions or help you get started.