See Just How Powerful QFloors Can Be

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See Just How Powerful QFloors Can Be

Having flooring specific software is just the beginning. Customize and streamline your day-to-day tasks even further by integrating add-on products. You'll be amazed at just how much more efficient and productive you can be. Learn how these flooring software add-on products can help automate labor schedules, emailing, advanced reporting, leads, analytics, and more. If you'd like to see any of these time saving products in action, schedule a demo with us.

Measuresquare Estimation Software ($49/mo/license)

Measure with Ease

Zip through measurements with your bluetooth laser measure device or upload PDF blueprints. MeasureSquare instantly estimates product quantities, directions and seam layouts. Also capture room photos, floor conditions, and customer approval signatures, right on the spot. It's quick, easy, accurate, and immediately communicates professionalism to your customer.

QReporter ($699)

Get Access to Accurate, Helpful Reports for Your Flooring Business

QReporter was designed to give QFloors users additional flexibility in emailing and reporting options. Email quickly and easily from within QFloors. Tap into scores of different flooring business reports. Customize a specific report, unique to your needs.

Document Manager ($499)

Make Your Life Easy with Our Flooring Business File Manager

Organize all of your information - regardless of file type - by job. For example, you can create a job folder containing files from QFloors, QSched, Excel spreadsheets, QReporter, Microsoft documents, photos, etc. You can then open or print any file from this shared folder. Make life easier, with Document Manager.

QSched (Starting at $699)

Flooring Labor Scheduling Software for Integrated Organization

Throw away the whiteboard! This powerful labor management scheduling and tracking tool will take your operation to a whole new level of efficiency and organization. This robust software can deftly handle large numbers of different installers and locations. It's user-friendly and highly customizable. And helpful reports are quickly generated and easily accessed. When used with QFloors, information is shared seamlessly between the two programs, which means everyone is always on the same page.

On-Site Training ($4,900 promotional price)

4-day Training and System Conversion at Your Location

On-site training is an ideal way to minimize downtime and help your staff quickly come up to speed. We travel to your location, and in just 4 days, we train your entire staff. We also bring your account balances over from your old system, if needed. Customers tell us this is an optimal way to hit the ground running, or an excellent way to start getting more out of the system.

Accounting Services ($200/hour)

Virtual Expert Accounting Assistance

Our management-level QFloors accounting experts can help with a variety of accounting issues, such as year-end financial statement preparation, quarterly reviews, year-end tasks, and more. Prior to the work being initiated, and after you have fully explained your needs to the QFloors accounting specialist, you will be given an estimate of the time/cost required. These services are above and beyond the general software support already provided to all new and current QFloors customers. Because we know exactly where to find all pertinent reports and numbers in your QFloors system, typically these tasks can be performed in much less time by us than by an outside CPA firm.

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