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Communication is King

Chad Ogden

By Colten Gines, Customer Support Manager

July 2018

In the fast–moving, busy world at QFloors, Communication is King. We understand that in any partnership, each side has a responsibility to share openly and constructively, to keep the group moving in the right direction. With that in mind, we have made efforts to improve communications in our Custom Report Request system.

We discovered that in the past, this was a bottleneck, complicated by misinterpretations and key missing information. Now, when a QReporter Custom report is requested, a form will be sent to you. This form lists essential details our programmers need to quickly and efficiently build the right invoice or report, with as little back and forth as possible.

The first step is to visit the QReporter Library on our website and identify a template that you would like to build upon to create the perfect application for your company. Print this template and markup your changes in a clear and detailed fashion. Continue to describe the use for the report and any other relevant context in the Comments space provided.

If the report you are customizing is an invoice or sales order report, then identify your comments character limit.

Last, give your custom report a new name that will be easily identifiable by those in your company who will be using it. This step will eliminate the need for our programmer to creatively attempt to match your company’s naming conventions as well as misspelling labels.

We expect the turnaround on these requests to now be much quicker. We intend for these changes to be a demonstration of our respect for your time, and hope this will add value to the service we are offering.

Beginning June 2018, any custom report that is quoted with a cost will have a PDF file sent for final approval. Upon receiving final approval and receipt of payment, the report files will be emailed to you with download instructions. If you have issues downloading or plugging in your reports, please contact our support team.

Customization forms can now be requested and returned to

Our goal is to continue to streamline the services surrounding our great product. We promise to accurately and quickly provide you with the tools you need to succeed, accomplishing our mission to lower your stress and increase your profits.

For more details about purchasing QReporter, please contact your Account Representative or call us at 801-563-0140.

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About the Author

Colten Gines - Customer Support Manager

Colten has deep roots in the flooring industry. His experience in sales and management provide a sound foundation for his role as a support consultant. Colten's enthusiasm for successful business operations and efficient system implementation match the unique advantage produced by QFloors software.