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A Message from Ron Cluff, QFloors Director of Training

Chad Ogden

By Ron Cluff, Director of Training

April 2018

Don’t Change Your Sales Tax Rate in QFloors!

When the sales tax rate in your area changes, don’t just change the rate in QFloors. You need to keep the existing sales tax rule in place for sales that are relying on the old rate, and create a new sales tax rule for the new rate. See the knowledge base article, How To Change Sales Tax Rates.

Product Catalog "Sample Present" Option

A new feature in the Product Catalog is a "Sample Present" checkbox for both styles and colors, to indicate that you have a sample or display of that style or color. After you have marked styles and/or colors in the Product Catalog, you may export the catalog data to get a report showing for which styles/colors you do or do not have a sample. Click the Catalog Printing & Exporting button, then select a manufacturer, then click the Export Catalog button.

Delayed Ordering

Have you ever needed to create a material in QFloors, but don’t want/need to order it yet? You may now change the status of a material to Hold to hide it from the Purchase Orders list in the Materials screen. To see a list of items that have a Hold status, check the Hold checkbox at the bottom of the Purchase Orders list. See the training video, Delayed Ordering.

Audit Your User Access Settings

You may export to CSV file the User Access settings of all users/employees/installers found in the Employees/Subs screen. This allows you to see all the settings for all users at one time and in one place, instead of clicking on each user to see their user access settings. Only users with the "Define User Access" option selected in their own user access settings are able to export the data. To export the data, click File > Export > User Access Settings.

Ron Cluff

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