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Ron Cluff

By Ron Cluff, Director of Training

April 2016

For our inaugural newsletter, there are two things I would like to convey to customers from the Software Training department. The first is the absolute need to have in place an automated, daily, off-site data backup process. I understand the reasons why someone might not, namely, the time and money involved to set it up. But the time and money it takes to recreate days, weeks, or months of data, if you don’t have a backup when a data catastrophe hits, is astronomical. If you haven't already implemented backup procedures, please, don't put it off any longer!

Which brings us to the second thing you need to know – namely, how to find instructions for setting up an automated backup, or how to access any of the other training documents and videos we have for you. You'll use the "Support Search" bar on our website. After you have logged in at, the Support Search bar is below the “banner” at the top of the page. Click in that box and start typing key words to find related videos and documents (Application Notes and Knowledge Base documents). For example, type in automated backup , then in the results, click the appropriate document for your QFloors product (Basic/Small Business or High Performance).

There are many helpful videos and training documents that can easily be accessed. We love to hear from you when you call or e-mail, but this website resource is available to you 24/7.

Ron Cluff

About the Author

Ron Cluff - Director of Training

Ron's careful attention to detail coupled with 15 years of working with QFloors ensures that software support and training is comprehensive and effective.