When's The Best Time to Call?

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A message from Colten Gines, Manager, Customer Support

QFloors is proud to offer top-rated service to our customers. We understand how inconvenient it can be for you to stop operations while you wait on hold to talk with Support about your question or problem. To limit this experience, we'd like to offer some helpful information

The busiest hours at QFloors are between 8am - 12pm Mountain Time.

During these hours, we reach our peak amount of incoming calls, producing a wait time as high as 15 minutes.

If you call outside of these hours the average wait time is less than 90 seconds.

If your training can wait, then you won't have to. Please know it is our main objective to get you back in business as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will continue our efforts to provide you with the support that you deserve.

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