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A message from Colten Gines, Manager, Customer Support

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We may laugh at the idea this cartoon is presenting, but the truth is, Customer Support is rarely tested before purchasing a product. We don’t realize how vital this is to us until we hear a recorded message telling us how important our call is to them, during a 45-minute hold to speak with a representative. Not the case at QFloors! Offering training and support for our customers, quickly and efficiently, is a top priority.

In a recent survey sent to every QFloors customer, we asked you to "Rate Your Overall Satisfaction with QFloors Support" on a scale from 1-5, with 5 being very satisfied. An impressive 83.7% of respondents gave us a 4 or a 5. To put the magnitude of that in perspective, that’s an average of 4 out of 5 stars which is right there with Disneyland (

In answer to the question, "How would you rate our friendliness, compassion, and patience?" almost 70% gave us a 5 (the highest rating), and when combined with the 4 ratings, it totaled a remarkable 97%. We received nothing under a 3 rating.

Our emphasis on improving your experience while learning the software is paying off. We hope to continue to impress you throughout your journey with QFloors as your software provider.

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