QFloors Offers Monthly Webinars

zoom webinar displayed on laptop

QFloors Offers Monthly Webinars

Did you know that QFloors offers free webinars once a month? And did you know that if you missed any, we have a growing library of them, located on our new support site here, that you can access at any time?

As we’ve all settled in to the carnival ride of 2020, we’ve learned to adapt in many ways. One thing that we at QFloors recognized was the need for more virtual group training opportunities. During the spring and early summer, we offered these webinars once a week. As our customers started to get a lot busier, we scaled it down to once a month.

Here are some of the topics that have been covered in 2020 webinars:
Product Catalog Cleanup
Period Ending Procedures
Commercial Options
Basic Training (2-parts)
Managing Leads
Sales/Use Tax
Advanced Warehousing

We’ve had great participation in these webinars! The live webinars provide the opportunity for Q&A and clarification on the spot. And, as mentioned earlier, all of the webinars are recorded and posted on the support site for your reference. (Except for the time Ron forgot to click “record”. But we’ll let him take a mulligan for that one.)

The next few webinars we have on the calendar will be bite-sized sections of our Intermediate Training classes, since those have been cancelled for the year.

If you have a topic that you’d like covered, reach out to Ron Cluff, Director of Training at QFloors (ron@qprosoftware.com).