The ROI of B2B

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Save time. Lower overhead. Use B2B

At a recent tradeshow, I had the opportunity to sit down at a table with a few of our customers. During the conversation, the topic turned to business, as it always does at these events. Being a naturally curious person, I began to ask questions about volume and operations of these successful businesses. One customer told me that without the streamlined B2B operation of placing PO’s, he would have to hire 2 full-time employees. B2B saved this customer the expense of 2 full-time salaries. I knew technology allows a company to be smarter and more efficient, but in this case the technology directly affected the bottom line. There are several elements to B2B, like importing product catalogs (which include product details like sizing and costs), sending PO’s and receiving PO acknowledgements, importing vendor bills and other web services. Each of these elements are designed to streamline your operations and lower employee overhead.

The WFCA performed a case study on the impact of these features as well. Here's their article highlighting the case study: "Understanding B2B is fine but what is the ROI?"

QFloors includes the B2B features as part of the standard package because of these obvious benefits. We challenge all to take advantage of these time and money saving features, already included in your current QFloors package. For more information on how you can further your use of B2B features, contact our customer support team.

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