QFloors 9.025 Brings Additional Features

qfloors leads screen on tablet

QFloors 9.025 Brings Additional Features

I’m excited to announce we have recently released a new version (Pre-release Version 9.025) of QFloors that contains some cool integration options that will excite many of you. QFloors 9.025 features three new integrations for website companies or CRM’s that are collecting and tracking leads. You can now track Return on Advertising dollars better, and sync product information from QFloors with your company website. Here are the details:

  1. We have enhanced our Swell integration to give users more control over when you send requests for google reviews. For instance, if an installation was pushed back for some reason, you can adjust the automated text request back as well. You can customize when you would like messages from Swell to go out to your customer. This new feature gives you more options and more flexibility when communicating with customers.
  2. We’re working on automated website product catalogs so you can easily update pricing, availability, stock quantities, etc., and it can be seen in close to real time by potential customers. So basically, you control which products are appearing on your website and what information is included with them, and you do it from your QFloors. See the video below for an example of how this works.
  3. We’ve also enhanced our leads integration to where you can not only download leads from your website, CRM, or other lead-generating site, but you can synchronize all of your leads. For instance, you can include walk-ins, referrals, etc. and share that with a 3rd party software. Which means you are seeing, tracking, and measuring ALL of your leads, not just those from a website. With this integration, you can trigger events like sending a professional marketing email to the prospect. And if an installation date changes, you can communicate that to the 3rd party software so automated messaging will update accordingly.

In a recent webinar that QFloors hosted, Mobile Marketing CEO Carole Cross and I talked a bit about some of the integration options. Here’s a link to that webinar. If you don’t want to watch the whole webinar, you can skip to 23:11 for the demonstration.

The features are ready and there in QFloors for whatever third-party software would like to integrate with us, but as mentioned, the company taking the fullest advantage of these features is Mobile Marketing. They’ve been quite proactive in bringing these features to our customers.

Finally, on a parting note I wanted to share a recent Success Story. We had a customer who was concerned with the increase in their QFloors maintenance fees. We suggested that they take a look at our QPay credit card processing option, to see if it could save them any money. It turns out that the amount of savings they will now realize in their credit card fees each month, using QPay, not only covered the increased maintenance cost, but completely covered their entire maintenance fees. It was a no-brainer. So if you haven’t already looked into whether QPay will save you money, you ought to, right away. While not every customer will realize the same level of savings (it depends on your rates and fees), a lot of our customers who have switched report that they’re saving a ton. Plus, we’re also being told that the integration between QPay and QFloors has brought customers a huge benefit that they were not getting with other credit card processors. So it’s something you might want to look into. Reach out to steve@qprosoftware.com or call our sales team at 801-563-0140, option 4.