QFloors Connections, the QFloors Way!

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QFloors Connections, the QFloors Way!

The right connections are critical – this is true in life, business and specifically in software. I’m not talking about riding coattails or name-dropping, I am talking about eye-to-eye synergy focused on one thing and one thing only… bringing value to the hands of our customers. Here are a few important integrations/connections you should know about:


QPay is quickly becoming the industry leader and standard in how flooring dealers take payments and the service they receive when doing so. With competitive rates and integrated features, this is becoming a must-have for QFloors users. Customers are reporting savings that equal or exceed the Maintenance Fee amounts for their entire system. QPay savings could potentially pay your entire QFloors Maintenance Fees. If you haven’t implemented QPay, this should be your top priority going into 2023.


If you truly believe your business deserves to shine amongst your competitors, there is no smarter advantage than Mobile Marketing. Increase marketing intelligence by tapping into the complete suite of tools that connect to QFloors. Whether you are a digital marketing expert or not, Mobile Marketing provides simplicity and accuracy which directly helps increase your ROI.


Roomvo is cutting-edge technology created to convert leads to sales through enhancing the sales process. Customers can now view products from hundreds of brands in their own rooms through AR technology found right on their smartphone. Vendors are paying for this technology, making it free-to-use for dealers, and a no-brainer to implement immediately.


MeasureSquare continues to increase close rates for our customers by adding speed and accuracy to the front stages of the sales cycle. Whether you are closing deals in the home, training a new estimator, or simply updating your professionalism, MeasureSquare provides a powerful and cost effective solution.


Rethink the way you manage employees with a smart, comprehensive solution that combines payroll with all the necessary HR functions. For nearly 40 years Deluxe has offered comprehensive, full-service solutions for businesses of all types and sizes and now they have a direct connection with your QFloors System.


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