Top 5 Reasons to Attend the QFloors Users Conference (and a few FAQ’s)

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Top 5 Reasons to Attend the QFloors Users Conference (and a few FAQ’s)

There are quite a few tradeshows, trainings, and events that a busy flooring dealer might attend. However, almost all of them are focused on SELLING you something. Even presentations marketed as “trainings” often have the unspoken goal to convince you to purchase a service or product. Other industry conferences are held as revenue generators for the hosts.

Our QFloors Users Conference is different. Very different, in fact. There’s no hidden agenda. Our goal is to do everything possible to support and assist each of you as you strive to achieve operational excellence as a company.

Connection is powerful. We’ve found that meeting together, away from the rat race, to learn from one other, is highly beneficial. So here are the Top 5 Reasons to consider joining us for our Users Conference May 2-6, 2022, held at the beautiful Valentin Imperial Resort in the Riviera Maya.

#1 Build Profits. How can you become a double-digit net profit business? There are many factors involved, spanning across financial, operational, and digital marketing best practices. Trainings and panel discussions will identify and address these.

#2 Step Away in order to Step Up. Sometimes you need to get away from the chaos of everyday life to really think about your business and identify ways to improve.

#3 Gain Good Ideas from Other Customers. There will be a customer panel and lots of networking time to compare notes and glean tips from other QFloors users from around the U.S. and Canada.

#4 Know What You Don’t Know. With the Financial Boot Camp, you’ll learn how you stack up against other similarly sized dealers in the U.S., and how to identify weaknesses that can become strengths. With the software training, you’ll learn about some of the latest features added, and important ways you should be using QFloors to optimize growth and success. Even if you’ve used QFloors for years, there are always new additions you probably do not know about.

#5 Breathe. Is it possible to relax and unwind while also focusing intently on mapping the future success of your company? We believe the answer is yes. The QFloors Users Conference is the perfect time, and the 5-star Valentin Imperial is the perfect setting. Yes, there will be intensive training provided, but there will also be plenty of time for you to enjoy all of the fun and relaxation this all-inclusive beach resort provides.

We sure hope you’ll join us. We know you’ll realize a huge ROI for the effort. Here’s the web page talking more about the conference, and here’s a link to register.

Still have questions? Here are a few FAQ’s we have been receiving.

Conference Dates and Times?

We’ll kick off with a welcome reception in the evening of Monday, May 2. Our last training meeting will finish at 1 pm, Friday, May 6. You are welcome to extend your stay before/after the event. We’ve provided a lot of sample pricing for doing so.

Registration Deadline:

Registration is due by December 17th, and we will be releasing any rooms not reserved by January 24. So in answer to the question, “Can I wait to register?”, yes, but you do legitimately risk not being able to get a room. This resort regularly sells out completely and will not hold any rooms for us after January 24, nor will they guarantee we can get the same discounted rate.

What is Included in the Price?

The short answer is, pretty much everything but your flight. The conference costs, lodging, food, airport shuttle, and more are all wrapped up into a total package price. See this page, or the email sent Thursday, November 11, for more information.

Current Covid Vaccine/Testing Travel Requirements:

As we all know, these change quite regularly, and so we cannot predict with certainty what will be required come May. But for now, you do NOT need to be vaccinated or to show a negative Covid test to fly to Mexico. However, to return to the U.S., the current policy is you must be tested for Covid. If you are not vaccinated, that test must be within 24 hours of your return. If you show proof of vaccination, the test can be within 72 hours of your return. The Valentin Resort offers these tests, on-site, for guests. Right now their policy is that tests are included with a stay of 4 days or longer. But there is a possibility that they might start charging for this service. We’ll just have to see what their policy is in the spring, and if it’s still a requirement for the U.S.

Is this conference tax deductible?

Our tax attorney tells us that the cost of the event, plus your travel expenses, should be tax deductible. Extras like additional days, golf or excursions, etc. are not. But please ask your own tax advisors for the specific laws in your area.

Is Mexico safe?

The Valentin is a private and enclosed resort, surrounded by security guards. We felt very safe staying there just a few months ago. With shuttles provided to transport you to and from the airport, you don’t need to worry about getting lost and winding up in the wrong part of town. That being said, there has been some Mexican drug violence in the news as of late. Similar to the United States (and most countries in the world), there are neighborhoods we wouldn’t advise wandering in the middle of the night. But just like it would be silly to cancel plans to visit Florida because you read about a shooting there, you shouldn't worry about being in any danger at the conference. Again, we were there last summer and felt very safe.